Our Universe bonds people and gets things done in mysterious ways. Although we often face chaos, everything gets balanced at the end of the day, week or year which lead us to think that everything happens for a reason. Even the most horrible accidents can serve a greater purpose and happen as if planned because they remain as a manifestation of the cosmos.

Our paths through life are not always smooth, and there are many ups and downs but we must remember that the Univers keeps track of our life path and planned our journey before it’s even started. Thanks to that, our life remains a mystery where each experience has equal importance and worth because each experience can teach us something new and valuable.

As a part of those experiences are people we meet and people who are close to us. Each one of them plays a different role and serves a different purpose in our life. Some of them teach us important life lessons, while others don’t leave a lasting impact on our lives.

Some of them stay by our side forever, while others leave and walk their own path alone or with someone else. However, everyone we met in our lives comes for a certain reason, and not by chance. Keep reading and find out the 5 bizarre and comic reasons why some people enter our life and change it, while others are just passersby.

  1. Some people are here to awaken us

Universe has its ways of awakening people and one of those ways include other people who enter our lives in order to slap us in the face and ‘force’ us to make a change. Their very presence in our life makes us realize that we can’t move forward until we change something. These people have the power to awaken our inner potential and open our eyes.

  1. Others come to remind us

Sometimes, we met people who stop by only to remind us of our dreams and life goals. Although we feel them as someone close to us, these people are only present to help us focus on ourselves. These people will remind us what we truly wanted from life at the beginning of our journey.

  1. There are those who help us grow

Growing is an unavoidable part of our lives, however, certain people join our journey in order to help us grow faster and turn into a better person. Sometimes these people hurt us in order to help us grow or trick us to overcome a challenge and overcome our fears in order to realize we can do everything we can imagine. These people will push us on the right path while we’re still unaware that we’re walking on the wrong one. They stretch us in order to become more aware.

  1. Some hold space for us

Although these types of people have insignificant roles in our lives, and sometimes we don’t even know their names, they are here when we need some space and a small talk without a deep connection. These people are our personal fans that imperceptibly cheer for the good in us.

  1. Only a few of them stay

Not everyone will stay by our side forever. However, some of them will and those people are rare to find and easy to keep because, people who like your company, will never leave your side because of some stupid reasons. These people are the soul mates we’ve been waiting for and the people who will teach us what unconditional love really is.

People who stay with us forever, are usually people who share our similar mission and have the same magnetic force inside their soul as yours – and that’s what will get you attracted to each other. And be sure that the Universe will somehow, someday send those people or that one person in your life in order to prove you that everything happens for a reason.

Reference: Life Coach Code