One of the best life lessons we can learn is how to live in peace and enjoy our journey in this world. However, in order to do that, we must first have a good mental health. As we know, each action and reaction we make depend on our mental health. This also goes for the negative ideas, useless conversations, ruining our future because of our past and the mistakes which created an enormous mental barrier that’s filling us with negative vibes. People often focus on what makes them miserable, instead of focusing on how to improve their future and let go of their past that keeps dragging them down.

Everyone has wings, however, not everyone knows he can fly because he’s too busy to feel sorry for themselves and the things they’ve done. You may never fly if you let your past drag you down. People’s strength hides in the acceptance of everything they’ve done and aim to do better things in future.

However, not everyone understands this because people who see, pardon my word, the retarded things that go through their mind, are rare and only they get the chance to improve their life by letting those things go. You can’t help a person who thinks he doesn’t need help and you certainly can’t force a blind person to see the pointless things he’s stressing over.

Are you one of those people who can recognize when to let go of things that aren’t worth your time? If yes, keep reading and upgrade your knowledge on how to let go of things that don’t really matter. However, if you’re not but you want to improve your life, scroll down and check out the 20 mental barriers that keep you from changing your life for better and spread your wings.

  1. Dismiss the attachments: Attachments are the roots of all suffering and you should give up on them because they have a temporary nature although we often think of them as eternal. That’s called a mental barrier which needs to be a break Be happy and grateful for the possessions, instead of destroying yourself once they’re gone. Don’t get too attached to anything.
  2. Let go of shame and self-condemnation: Feeling ashamed and blaming yourself constantly can’t bring anything good in your life. And besides that – it steals your positivity. Can you solve your problems by feeling guilty about everything? That’s right, you can’t. So let go of guilt today.
  3. Stop criticizing yourself: Self-criticism is good sometimes, however, if we tend to criticize ourselves more than we should, self-criticism can upgrade in self-pity and mental agony. In order to stop that you need to stop criticizing yourself that often.
  4. Stop judging: Letting go of prejudices is breaking another serious mental barrier that may cause resentment, ill feelings, and can become a serious problem in your relationships with people.
  5. Let go of negative thoughts: Negative thoughts create a negative life. Period. In order to create a positive and happy life you need to do the opposite – let positivity take over your mind.
  6. Stop with the compulsive thinking: Instead, you should focus on usefulness, efficiency, and utility of it for long-termed relationships with people.
  7. Stop asking people for approval: Asking for other’s approval can make you seem small in their eyes and they can confuse you for a fool. It also kills your drive and initiative and makes you look as a person with an inferiority
  8. Let go of bitterness: Not only that keeping bitterness is a bad habit but also has a negative influence on your well-being and mental health, and can cause real health problems.
  9. Stop limiting your beliefs: Most of the beliefs are self-imposed and fictional, however, in order to avoid conflicts and over thinking about things that actually don’t matter, keep this idea in mind: ‘Everything you can imagine is real’.
  10. Stop postponing obligations for tomorrow: What needs to be done today – do it because it’s better and easier to do what you can today, and relax or reduce your obligations for tomorrow. Postponing can only make you feel helpless and miserable.
  11. Stop your anxious thoughts: Instead of focusing on your inbuilt fears and cause yourself anxiety, start focusing on your future goals and improvement. When you start working on yourself, anxiety will simply disappear. Don’t trust us? Try and thank us later.
  12. Heartbreak is only a state of mind: And a mental barrier you need to break today because once your heart locks your mind, you will start feeling miserable and sad and nothing good can come out of it. If happiness can be a state of mind, why heartbreak can’t? After all your heart can’t break for real because it’s a muscle.
  13. Stop reviewing bad memories: It’s better to forget the bad things instead of reviewing them and ask yourself: ‘Where did I go wrong?’ What you should ask yourself is: ‘Can I fix what’s broken if I keep remembering bad memories and feel miserable?’ That’s right – you can’t. Move on.
  14. Stop doing useless stuff and avoid the important ones: Letting go of useless things is more important than you think and can certainly help you change your life for better, only if you focus on what’s really important and what makes you happy, instead of useless.
  15. Walk away from the bad company: You are like the people you’re hanging out with. Remember how a rotten apple spoils the rest of the apples in the basket? Stop other people from spoiling you and walk away from the bad company you know it’s bad for you – you just don’t want to admit it.
  16. Accept your past and focus on your future: Instead of reviewing your past over and over again, let go of it and focus on your future. We’re not saying to forget your mistakes but learn from them and prevent your previous bad experiences affect your future life decisions.
  17. Let go of your role model: And become your own role model because identifying yourself with someone else can prevent you from spreading your wings maybe even more than your role model.
  18. Stop taking things so personally: This could affect your mental health and you should break this barrier if you have it today before it kills your spirit and self-confidence.
  19. Stop fearing time: Let’s be honest – time doesn’t exist and people stressing over something that doesn’t exist is quite stupid and useless. Respect your time but not fear the ticking
  20. Give up the contra productive habits: These habits are one of the worst mental battiers and can defocus you of what’s really important and needed in order to improve your life.

We’ve just mention 20 of the most serious mental barriers that average people have and can’t let go because they’re more obsessed with their past, mistakes, unimportant stuff, fears, time instead of focusing on improving their life. However, we’ve done our part and point them out to you and not it’s your turn to do what’s right, of course, if you want to reboot your life and live as a free-minded person.

Reference: Simple Capacity