Sincerity is like sex these days. You can rarely get it for free unless you pay it with time, commitment, sincerity in return or money. And because normal people can’t always pay it, they’re afraid of honest people. They can’t handle sincerity and of course – they start rejecting it and rejecting honest people also. Scroll down and read 5 main reasons why normal people don’t like honest people.

  1. Honest people say everything they have to say in your face

Unlike average people who always tend talk behind other people’s back, honest people tell everything they have to tell someone in their face. They don’t care if honesty is going to hurt them because they know that lies, unlike truth, can hurt even more sometimes. Are you always speaking the truth and wonder why people treat you as an unwanted company? This is one of the main reasons why.

  1. Honest people know a lot but tell a little

They don’t gossip with you because they know that gossiping is ONLY for small ‘average’ brains. Unlike average people who enjoy small talks, honest people hate them. Sometimes they don’t even know how to interfere in a conversation that includes gossiping.

Not because they don’t know how to gossip other people’s lives but because they have their own to think about. Honest people can even tell you to look in the mirror first, and talk about others after, once you step on their nerve with your small talks.

  1. Honest people have the sixth scent

You can’t make an honest to do something he doesn’t want to do or get them into trouble because they have a sixth scent and can sense manipulation. Honest people can see through people and tell if they’re faking. They can even tell how other people feel without asking.

  1. Honest people can recognize someone who’s not being honest

They won’t stop playing the role of the listener in your fake show but make you feel uncomfortable with asking more questions on which you’ll have to think of another fake answer. Honest people always recognize a person who’s not being honest but never feel underestimated or hurt because when you lie – the only intelligence you’re insulting is yours.

Honest people tend to understand everyone and their reason for telling lies, however, what they often wonder is, how can people lie that much and look themselves in the mirror again? The lie is something useless and pointless because they know that it’s harder to remember lies. And why do that, when you can tell the truth and spare their brain from remembering stupid things? Not to mention that when telling the truth, no one can do anything to you or blame you for being sincere after.

  1. Honest people are the worst people in the world

According to ‘normal’ people, honest people are the worst people in the world because of their cruel honesty. But to people who respect honesty – honest people will always be appreciated. Although some people use them as an omen of honesty, other see honest people as the devil who’s willing to reveal they’re true faces if needed.

That’s why they avoid their presence and make them feel as an unwanted company. However, honest people don’t care because they know that even if others hate them, they admire them secretly. Why? Because they can never be like them. They can never tell the truth because they’re afraid of what others might think of them. And honest people, honestly, do not care about that.

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