Although many see us as people who are extremely sensitive, emotional and fragile, we empaths are actually stronger and smarter than others who act intimidating and ruthless.

Empaths are maybe vulnerable, however, we’re not fools and people you can play with even if others often mistake us for stupid. It’s strange how good people are considered as stupid and easy to play with today, and bad people are considered as smart and sustainable.

Empaths are the ones who are sustainable because they can notice when people are taking them for granted or try to outsmart them, however, we won’t do anything about it until you step on our nerve and try to mess with us in a way that’s seriously starting to offend our intelligence.

Are you an empath? If yes, then you probably know what we’re talking about and how you recognize someone who’s not worth your attention. However, for those who take emotional people for granted and think they can outsmart or deceive us with their mind games, keep reading and check out the 10 reasons why you should NEVERMORE mess with an empath.

  1. An empath is practically a walking lie detector – unlike average people who can tell if someone’s lying by observing their body language or tics, we sensitive people can tell if you’re lying without observing you thanks to our gut. That’s our gift that not everyone knows about.
  2. An empath can feel how you’re feeling – average people may believe your empty love words or lies in order to feel better about themselves. However, an empath will never lie to himself when he feels how you really feel about him. We empaths usually know when you’re faking, so don’t try to fool us with words because we recognize the fakeness in your eyes.
  3. An empath can sense jealousy and obsession – although we won’t show it, we can sense your jealousy and obsession with us. However, your low self-esteem doesn’t make us feel powerful and superior in your presence as you think but the opposite – we feel sorry for you.
  4. Empaths sense hatred and rage – yes, we can sense your hatred and rage towards us. However, we don’t care about people who hate us because we don’t plan on arguing with you and spend our precious time on explaining that hating someone is simply useless.
  5. An empath knows your prejudices and beliefs – we already told you that an empath can read people and their feelings. However, what we didn’t mention is that an empath also knows your prejudices and beliefs before you even speak them out loud. It’s just who we are and don’t you dare to pretend to believe in something you don’t in order to get us to like you.
  6. Empaths can sense if you’re okay or not – people are often lying about how they feel but never to us. Not that they don’t try but we always reveal their lies and discover their true feelings in order to help. It’s not like we want to hear how you feel, so we can joke about it later. Feelings are a serious thing. And we as empaths know that better than anyone else.
  7. An empath can read you like a book – especially if you say something just to … say something because we empaths hate small talks and suck ups. Keep in mind that an empath never respects a person who doesn’t respect himself and pretends to be something he’s not.
  8. Empaths can see the big picture and the small details as well – although many people tend to see the big picture, sensitive people pay attention to the details as well. For example, if you are on the wrong path but you keep denying or refusing help, an empath will notice and warn you. We know that people sometimes need encouragement in order to admit they have a problem.
  9. An empath can tell when you’re trying to be something you’re not – once we can read your feelings, we can also tell when you’re pretending to be something you’re not in order to impress us. Stop it and be who you are. Only that way you can earn our respect.
  10. Empaths know when someone tries to take advantage of them – if you want something, just say it. You don’t have to try and take advantage of us and our sensitivity. It’s useless.

After reading these 10 reasons why you should never underestimate an empath or mess with us, stop trying to take sensitive people as fools and let us use our natural gift in order to help you so. Don’t take us for granted and we can promise you that you will gain a friend for a lifetime.