Woman thinking positively

We’ve all learned that if our thoughts are positive, that is enough to sort out our issues. Visualizing our goals will bring us many steps closer to achieving them. This perspective grew over many years because of works like ‘Think and Grow Rich and ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People. But does this work?

Rudá Iandé, a shaman who learned in the arts of the Brazilian rainforests, believes this concept doesn’t work the way we think it does. 

The downside of ‘think positive,’ according to Rudá Iandé

“Focus on the power of your thoughts, and you will transform your reality.” Wise people across lands and cultures have all told us that we can change our lives once we transform our thinking. Of course, if this worked, the world would be made up of millionaires and billionaires for whom what we have available won’t ever be enough. Unfortunately, this idea of thinking positively is like the Santa Claus of the modern world. We just need to sit down, think about all that we want, believe that we will get it and then lie back and relax as the universe brings whatever it is to us. But there are two issues here: it is tiring and has no effect. 

When you think positively, you set aside how you feel

Buying into this theory only helps you mesmerize yourself by pushing away your absolute emotions. You cage yourself in and make yourself believe that everything around you is full of light and love and that you are invincible. This is okay for some time, but soon enough, all your castles in the air will come falling. 

There are a lot of hurdles to jump in this life, and each time we come across one, our mind feels many things. Avoiding what you think are bad feelings just ensures that you prevent a part of yourself that is important for your growth. Try as you might, you won’t be happy, and only your frustration will grow. 

You are struggling against yourself

Most of your time is taken up by this inner struggle. But you also have the choice of acknowledging that you are only human, that your potential is limitless, and that you will make mistakes. Don’t think that some feelings are bad and some are good. This world doesn’t exist in black and white. The feeling that is the most difficult to bear comes only for a reason. Sorrow can help you be compassionate; rage can push your boundaries, and so on. But all this will happen only if you surrender yourself to these emotions. We have been led to believe that once we have achieved success, nothing will be able to get to us, but that is simply not true. But rather than letting your fear control you, think of all that can go wrong and imagine your responses to those situations. You will find that no matter how many times you fall, you will always get back up. 

Acknowledge all the opposites in this world

Life is full of opposites. It would be best if you accepted the range of human emotions from sadness and anger to joy and forgiveness. The time and effort you wasted fighting against yourself can now be used to create a newer, better life. All your emotions are just energy; when you allow yourself to feel them indiscriminately, you can access all the energy they bring. Find your balance because that is much better than distinguishing between positive and negative.

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