Empath is a person who’s natural ‘gift’ is to feel too much and understand the emotions of others. However, there are several kinds of Empath with different talents and certain abilities.

Although many would say that feeling too much and have compassion for every living creature is a gift, empaths see their gift as a curse sometimes due to other people’s cruelty and negligence.

Empaths are usually taken advantage of, emotionally used and trampled because of their sensitivity, however, they never complain because they know that not everyone cares as they care about others. Do you consider yourself as an empath?

Are you sometimes wondering why in the world who doesn’t care much about anything or anyone, you feel the need to take care of everything and everyone? Here are the multiple symptoms you will experience if you really are an empath:

  • Absorbing people’s feelings as if they were your own is something you can’t fight.
  • You will feel a physical pain in your body when someone close to you gets physically
  • You’re suffering from tiredness constantly.
  • Solitude is your best friend and you tend to be alone in order to recharge your batteries.
  • Your mood changes constantly, as well as your emotional states during the day.
  • Violence breaks your heart and is something you can’t stand watching
  • You listen to people for real, unlike others who just pretend to listen.
  • Animals and little kids love you.
  • Taking care of other people is something that comes out of you naturally.
  • People tell you their problems and ask for your advice.
  • You remain as hypersensitive to smell, touch, hearing, taste, etc.
  • Interpersonal conflict seems unbearable to you.
  • Crowded placed to drain your energy and make you anxious.
  • Although you’re aware of your hypersensitivity, you know that sometimes being over sensitive can help you preserve your soul and protect the people you love from facing one more cold-blooded person in this cold-blooded world.

If you convinced yourself that you’re an empath, then it’s time to see which of the following 5 Empath abilities suits you best:

  1. Emotion Reader – you often feel totally drained by the presence of the people whose emotions and energy you take and feel as your own.
  2. Medical Empath – you recognize and feel an awareness of the physical body when treating or reading people. In other words, you recognize which person needs
  3. Empath For Souls – places that make you absorb old energy and feelings are draining you because you have the power to feel what souls who lived there once felt.
  4. Mind and energy reader – are you able to get into the thoughts and see from other people’s points of view? If yes, then you have the ‘gift’ called “intellectual empathy”.
  5. Empathy For The Environment – are you sensitive on disasters, other people’s trauma or transition in different geographical areas? Are you weak for animals and feel sorry for nature and the way people are continuing to destroy it on a daily basis? If yes, then you have environmental empathy and that’s your natural ‘gift’.

Once you discover what kind of Empath are you and which is your natural ‘gift’ you will be able to grow even more and help other people to start growing too.

Empaths who are involved in spiritual arts can also develop more if they discover which emphatic present they got from nature. No matter which gift you own, remember that the fastest and best way to grow it is by loving your gift as it is.

Reference: Englightened Consciousness

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