Being a good person means doing the right thing when no one’s looking. However, that’s not the only thing that matters. Although integrity is one of the most important features of a good person, what also takes a part in people’s humanity is their perception of the world, their perception of other people, their self-perception and the perception of every human being that lives on this planet.

Wonder if you are a good person? We can’t tell you that. However, what we can tell you for sure is that since you’re reading this – you have a good chance of becoming a better person than you already are. As we mentioned, your perception also matters and have you ever wondered what kind of perception do you have? Are you an animal lover? Or you hate animals for an unknown reason – even to yourself? Do you respect nature? Or tend to destroy it everytime you get the chance? What do you eat most of the time? Meat? Or vegetables? Maybe eggs?

Would you kill a spider or a mouse if you saw one in your house? Or maybe set both of them free because you know you don’t have the right to kill them? Are you a butcher or an artist? Do you love yourself enough to spend the rest of your life alone? Although these questions seem unreasonable and stupid to you now, trust us when we say that all of this is related to your humanity.

Anyway, only one answer to one particular question can answer your question about yourself: ‘Am I a good human?’ Because let’s be honest. You didn’t open this article in order to see what we wrote and check if this is just another trick article to gain views. It’s not. And now that you know it, please keep reading and answer us or to yourself:

  • Are you aware that every life matters?

Take a deep breath and connect all the previous questions we asked with this one and you will get your answer. We live in a world where humans couldn’t care less about other humans, animals, nature, earth, air pollution and much other stuff. And although we know that humans are the worst thing that could happen to this planet, we still believe in humanity. We still believe that humanity can save us, that love is the answer to every question. We believe that the question to this answer will be ‘yes’ from each person who reads this article. However, for those who are confused by our question and need a better-detailed explanation in order to respond, we’re here to help.

‘Are you aware that every life matters’ means: are you aware that even the ant that you stepped on yesterday had a life worth living? Are you aware that the spider you just killed, also has a life worth living and you have no right in taking that from him? Are you aware that no animal wants to be killed in order to feed your stomach? Are you aware that every living being on this planet has feelings and feels pain?

If your answer to our question is ‘no’ we advise you to think better about your life values and integrity and try to improve yourself, of course, if you want – that’s your choice. However, if the answer is ‘yes’ – congratulations because you are a good person and you need to keep your humanity although the world is constantly trying to change you – don’t let that happen. If your answer is ‘I am aware now’ – we are more than happy to tell you that you still have a chance to help us restore faith in humanity and make this world a better place to live in.

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