We are all witnesses of the brutality of police officers without a proper cause, however, some people care less, some more about the poor victims of the broken criminal justice system.

In order to raise awareness on a regional and national level, we have to make a clever strategy and implement our suggestions on how to repair the broken criminal justice system everywhere.

Anyway, before doing anything, we must first raise our voice and share our idea all over the social networks and with our folks in our community.

After, we can try these 15 ways on how to stop police brutality and repair our broken criminal justice system no one wants to talk about.

  1. Chose the democratic channels available for civilians to make political changes where they’ll be able to speak or meet with the elected officials in the city or directly with the police department and present a list of possible policy changes we want to make such as the next multiple suggestions:
  2. Adopting a firm “use of force” standard which can certainly limit the allowed use of lethal force to the lowest level and if they don’t know how – they can always take a look at the other countries or some of the police departments across the United States. With bringing this standard to force, the prosecution and jail for officers who practice police brutality will be easier. The current use of ‘reasonable force’ allows cops to abuse their right when they feel or don’t feel threatened and the law supports that. In order to stop this, every police department should have a standard ‘use of force’ and prevent killers from abusing their duties and take out their anger on citizens.
  3. Passing a specific policy against racism that bans racist policing and revokes the policies that have proven to immortalize the racial discrimination.
  4. Police should have compassion for everyone instead of spilling out their personal rage on people who can’t fight them back (if they do, things could get much worse for the one who defended himself) cops should have compassion for everyone. No matter if it’s about people addicted to drugs, alcohol, mental illnesses, homeless people, civilians who don’t act intrusive – cops should treat them like humans because that’s what they are and put them in jail in order to get better without harassing Public pressure can help this happen, however, raising awareness is always crucial.
  5. Police officers should be carefully examined for compassion and sensitivity, instead of aggression and cruelty during their police training. However, the police department does this in order to reject sensitive cops, believing they will quit the job as time goes by, and they prefer the insensitive cops in order to stop their department from losing money of the sensitive cop leaves. Anway, researchers have shown that a cop who murders someone unjustly and earns a $20 million lawsuit costs will cost them much. Not to mention that keeping the decent cop is the right thing to do.
  6. Every police officer should pass a training for non-violent resolution of conflicts and gain good communication skills.
  7. Every police officer should be forced to listen to 20h an audio or video tape/recordings of people who grieve for their unjustly murdered or abused a member of their family by a violent cop.
  8. Aside from serving their country during work time, police officers should be encouraged by their commanders to connect more with the community they serve when they’re off duty. This way, it’s possible that they will learn more compassion and people will see them as more friendly and protective, instead of as intimidating killers.
  9. The community needs to be more involved in passing big and important decisions when it comes to society matters. This way citizens can have a bigger influence over the police policy and the city itself.
  10. Only independent prosecutors should be allowed to handle a case against a police officer in order to serve justice and not their friendship.
  11. Police departments should completely refuse the military equipment.
  12. Forming external oversight boards that will keep cops under surveillance and observe their job and way of fulfilling their obligations.
  13. As we all know, the laws which regulate the traffic and fines forces police officers to issue fines in order to generate advent. This complicates the life of people, especially the poor and people from working class because those who can’t pay, most of the time get caught in the endless exploitation cycle which can sometimes end in
  14. Reduction of the unnecessary criminal laws which can unfairly complicate the life of poor people even more.
  15. Using drugs must be considered as a mental illness instead of a crime, and all drugs should be decriminalized and released on the market.
Reference: Films For Action