For those of you who haven’t heard of the term ‘Extroverted Empath’ let us introduce to you the character structure built upon empathy and compassion for other creatures. Aside from this, empaths are gentle souls that can easily be manipulated or hurt due to their open heart and mind. Are you surprised that people like this still exist? Or maybe you’re one of them?

An Extroverted Empath can be characterized with shyness, intuitive, gentleness, anxiety, and hypersensitivity. Are these characteristics familiar to you? Are you doubting that you’re an Extroverted Empath? Keep reading and check out the 8 signs that you may be one.

  1. You are hypersensitive

If you’re hypersensitive to other people’s emotion, noises, stress and other incentives, that’s the first sign that you’re probably an Extroverted Empath. However, keep in mind that not everyone deserves your empathy and goodness. Learn to recognize the people who don’t and take advantage of your hypersensitivity. Instead of empathy – ignore those people like they never existed.

  1. You absorb other people’s emotions

Are you often taking other people’s feelings as your own? If yes, that’s what Extroverted Empaths do and you may be one of them. However, people often transmit negative energy and you don’t always have to absorb it inside your spirit. Learn how to help others to start thinking positively without absorbing their negative thoughts and energy because with sucking negativity, helping them isn’t possible.

  1. You have strong intuition

Having a strong intuition and ‘gut feelings’ about people and situations is the third sign that you’re probably an Extroverted Empath. Although your gut is always telling you what’s right or wrong – you never listen. Learn how to avoid making mistakes with using your strong intuition because your inner voice can never lie to you, unlike people.

  1. You love and need spending time alone

Extroverted Empaths are often enjoying their spare time alone and although they sometimes need human connection, spending time with people drains their energy. Do you love spending more time alone than with friends, family or relatives? Don’t worry – it’s what all Extroverted Empaths do. Loneliness is one of their most highlighted characteristics, aside from compassion and empathy.

  1. You can relate on a deeper level with many people at once

Unlike other people who can’t focus on many things or relate on a deeper level with many people at once, Extroverted Empaths don’t have a problem with that because they have compassion for everyone. However, people often see other people’s compassion as stupidity. Learn how to divide good from evil and chose wisely on whom will you spend your precious time and energy.

  1. You understand everyone

Although you don’t expect others to understand or support you – you always understand and support others because you know that in a world that couldn’t care less, you must be someone who couldn’t care more. Are you recognizing some of these 6 signs in yourself?

If yes, then you must be an Extroverted Empath who should be proud of himself. People like you with soft heart instead of stone inside their chest are rare these days.

Although many people take people like you for granted and tend to play with your feelings and care, be sure that one day, people who didn’t appreciate you, will come back crawling to ask for your forgiveness and help. However, don’t do the same mistake twice and learn how to put people who’ve hurt you on purpose where they deserve to be – in your past.

Source: Elephant Journal