Religion has been the reason for wars, divisions, and hatred since always and has done more harm than good to humanity. However, once love steps on its way, we begin to realize how worthless religion is.

Some will agree on this but most people will disagree because the world is full of closed minds who can’t see that true reason why religion was ‘invented’ – to divide people instead of uniting them.

There’s a famous quote circling the social network that says: “If your religion requires you to hate someone, then you need a new religion”. Not many people understand how authentic this quote is, however, not everyone has to understand because if we were all the same, this world would be a very boring place for living and instead of humans, we would be classified as robots.

Let’s get to the point. Are you in love with a person from another religion? Are you scared what people are going to say about you two once they find out you’re dating that person? Stop fearing that others may not accept your relationship with this person because it’s YOUR relationship and not theirs.

You can never put other people’s opinions and trust their words over your instincts and feelings. Having doubts and wonder should you put an end to the relationship with the person who’s religion is different than yours? We can’t deny that maintaining that kind of relationship won’t be hard at the beginning because of people’s gossip or the judgments of your family, however, love always deserves a chance and if it’s real – then it’s worth fighting for. Keep reading and check out the 3 main reasons why having a relationship with a person from another religion is the best life experience and you would miss a lot once you decide to put an end on a relationship that just begun only because of religion.

  1. You will become an open minded person without judgments

No one was born racist, however, during their life path, many people become racists due to social influence or bad parenting. Anyway, their point of view and judgments can change once they fall in love with a person from another religion. People then begin to realize that religion doesn’t matter more than their feelings and their happiness doesn’t have to depend on other people’s opinions.

Are your feeling about the person from another religion real? If yes, then be prepared to live the best life experience ever. You will change but not for worse. You will become an open minded person without judgments and start seeing things how they really are and not how society wants you to see them.

  1. You will learn how to love unconditionally

No matter if your partner believes in his religion or not, you will learn how to love him/her the way he/she is unconditional. Of course you will have your disagreements, however, your love will always be stronger than your religious beliefs.

Once you fall in love with someone from a different religion than yours, you will finally learn how to love truly and without limits, and not just your partner, but people from other religions also.

  1. Love will become your religion

Once people fall in love with a person from another religion, it doesn’t mean they have to give up on their own or stop believing in their God. However, most people who experienced relationships like these, claim that love has become their religion since because they started believing in love. In other words, they realized that the only thing that can divide us or make us hate each other is only our perception.

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