People who forgive are not weak but strong enough to walk their path without those who’ve hurt them. Are you ready to do the same and step away from everyone who makes you feel miserable or causes tears in your eyes? Push those cold-blooded people away like stones that hinder your path and want to trip you on the ground because you deserve better than to lie on the ground and feel miserable. You have your own path for walking and that’s why you need to forgive people who’ve hurt you and let them go.

Although forgiveness is often considered as a sign of weakness – it’s not because forgiving others is a characteristic only a strong and open-minded person has. Are you a strong person who wants to live his life instead of surviving like everyone else? You better be, because otherwise, your spirit will be poisoned by your hatred and you will spiritually die before your time. And what’s a body without a spirit? Just one more walking dead on this planet.

However, you have the power to stop this chain of unhappiness and chose forgiveness instead of revenge, love instead of hatred, humanity instead of cruelty. Chose to forgive because forgiveness will set you free from your cage and will allow you to spread your wings and fly like never before. Learn how to forgive because that’s the best lesson you can learn in life that will make you feel human again.

Let today be the day when you set yourself free with saying the words:

‘I forgive you. Not because you deserve it, but because I deserve my peace. I forgive you and I forgive myself from trusting you and letting you manipulate me and hurt my feelings. I forgive you for blurring my vision and filling my heart with hatred. Today is the day I set myself free and start walking my path alone, without the people who don’t deserve my time and energy anymore’.

When you start analyzing hatred and revenge, you realize that they’re nothing more than wasted time and energy. And why waste our time and energy on something unnecessary, when we can use it for better purposes, such as to live this life to the fullest and revive humanity again?

Are you ready to do revive yourself and be an example to other people who are still trapped inside their own cages build from hatred? Are you ready to take the first step towards freedom and forgive your own mistakes and the mistakes of others? Withholding anger and hate inside your heart, you are destroying your spirit and you’re preventing yourself from growing as a human being. Stop destroying yourself and start growing yourself because no one is going to take care of you if you don’t. No one is going to stand up for you unless you do and no one is going to love you like you can love yourself.

Do you love yourself enough to forgive yourself and others everything and turn a new page in your book? Do you respect yourself enough to ignore the lack of respect from others? Do you care about yourself enough to not destroy yourself over people who don’t care about you? Of course, you do because you are smart. You are YOU. You are a person who’s going to be filled with compassion for others and for yourself. Be brave even when everything seems hopeless because bad things will pass. Good things will pass. And at the end of the day, you will realize that everything passes. Forgive. Love. Live. And please be something more than a wasted human being filled with hate and misery.

Copyright:  Dream Humanity