Count Chiquinho Scarpa has the wealth that most of the people, perhaps even you, have had dreamt of it. He is a well-known billionaire businessman in his home country Brazil for his wealth and eccentricities and most notably his outrageous acts, such as willing his fortunes to his cockatoo and hinting that he once bedded Princess Caroline of Monaco. After all of these, he announced his latest larger life plan, putting his $500,000 Bentley six feet under.

The Plan:

Recently Scarpa announced that since he was done with his expensive daily driver, a Bentley, that he was simply going to bury it in his yard. He claimed he was inspired from the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt, that had buried his precious possessions in order to have them back in the afterlife. The media soon blew up with this announcement 

Scarpa announced a date, to dug a giant hole, and held a press conference to “celebrate” the retirement of his prized vehicle. The media soon blew up with this announcement, in which most of the people reacted aggressively, seeing him as insane for not donating the car for some worthwhile contribution.

“People condemn me because I wanted to bury a million dollar Bentley, in fact, most people bury something a lot more valuable than my car. They bury hearts, livers, lungs, eyes, kidneys. This is absurd. So many people waiting for a transplant and you will bury your healthy organs that will save so many lives.” said Scarpa.

The Reality Behind:

One day, Scarpa went on to say “I have not buried my car, but everyone thought it absurd when I said I’d do it. It is absurd to bury their bodies, which can save many lives. Nothing is more valuable. Be a donor, tell your family”. Namely, the entire trick was Scarpa’s way of raising awareness for the Brazil’s “National Organ Donation Week”.

In social media forums alone, over 172 million people were impacted by Scarpa’s message. Organ donation was the number one social media trend in Brazil and number 2 worldwide. In one month, organ donation registration across Brazil increased by more than 30%.

He had acted cleverly, he first used the social media to get attention for the ‘funeral’ of his car, and for weeks he was probably one of the most insulted men.When it was all said and done, he was truly a hero for his cause. It seems like the only way to awaken people is to do things such as Scarpa in order first to get the attention. We congratulate him for his sensitivity!