One of the first things that attract people’s attention, Breasts! Probably that’s why you are here too. They always pick up the interest and attention. But there are some interesting facts about them you probably didn’t know. Let’s see what they are:

1.Some women can orgasm just by breast stimulation.

Two sex educators concluded that some women can orgasm just by breast stimulation. Authors of I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide did a research and concluded that 1% of women in their research had the ability to orgasm through playing with their pair.

2. Although you might call them twins, they are never exactly the same.

Boobs are more like fraternal twins, rather than identical. In a study published in the International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, found that the right breast is more likely to be larger than the left one.

3.They weigh about as much as three bricks.

The average bra can support breasts that weigh between 0.23 kilograms (half a pound) and 9 kilograms (20 pounds), about the weight of three bricks. Imagine carrying three bricks with you all day. Women are really strong enough.

4.Those who like bigger breasts are economically poorer.

Researchers found that men from a lower class desired a woman with bigger boobs more than men from a middle class. In other words, This study found that men who have a lower socioeconomic background, are more likely to like women with larger breasts.

5.‘Everyone’ looks at your breasts.

According to a study, both men and women were found to look at a women’s breasts rather than on their face or eyes, but men do longer. So, women do stare at boobs too, but they do it shorter.

6.No nipples are exactly the same.

Just like the asymmetry of boobs, no two nipples can be exactly the same too. Flat, puffy or pointed, there are many different types of nipples.

7.Three nipples: Some people have an extra nipple!

Having three nipples is called polythelia. According to Pathology Outline, around three percent of people have an extra nipple.

8.Smoking and pregnancy can cause sagging of breasts.

Continual smoking can break down the Elastin, which is a protein that gives skin elasticity. A study has also found that pregnancies can also cause breasts to sag.

Based on: Iflscience