According to the FBI, some astrological signs are more likely to commit crimes than others. They released a study ranking zodiac signs by the propensity for criminal action and dangerousness. These are the zodiac signs that are the most dangerous and most likely to become criminals and serial killers by their order:

 12.Gemini sign is the least dangerous star sign! Danger Level: 1/12

Due to their variable and unstable attitudes, I expected them to be somewhere on the top of the list. You might also be surprised but according to FBI shared statistics it turns out that Geminis get blood on their hands least. Feel free to trust Geminis!

11.The second most innocent sign: Aquarius! Danger Level: 2/12

These peaceful signs are often the victim of a crime. However, they also do have a dark side. But not as much as the other signs.

10. You might be surprised but Leo is the third least dangerous sign! Danger Level: 3/12

Known with his ambitiousness, Leo is just another surprising result when it comes to criminal cases. In the statements given by the lion murderers, they stated that they have committed the murders just to attract attention, which is just another characteristic of their zodiac sign.

9.  It is weird to see peaceful and fair Libras in the fourth place. Danger Level:4/12

Libras! They like justice, balance, and rules, but, never touch their weaknesses, they might become the leader of an evil organization.

8. Virgo’s deep sense of humanity may not be always there. Danger Level:5/12

Virgos are more prone to theft and fraud rather than murders, at least. But they are immaculate in doing it, perhaps because they love details and planning. They’ll cover up every single detail!

7. They are emotional but not mild for sure! Pisces the sixth least dangerous! Danger level: 6/12

I just remind you that, John Wayne Gacy aka the Killer Clown, and Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, Osama Bin Laden were the most dangerous Piscean serial killers born in this sign, and say nothing else.

6. Most of the psychopaths and serial killers are Capricorns! Danger Level: 7/12

Although we know them as masters of self-control, it seems that they are not always able to control themselves from killing people.

5.  You better beware of Aries! Danger Level: 8/12

Mad Aries does not surprise us with being the fifth most dangerous sign. Their impatience, impulsiveness, and aggressiveness reflect on their crimes.Adolph Hitler is the best example of a dangerous Aries. If you think about pissing off an Aries, be ready to bear the consequences.

4.  If I say possession and luxury, there is no doubt that Taurus will come first to our minds! Danger Level: 9/12

Because of their sign characteristics. Taurus signs love money, possession and the material work. Perhaps that’s why there are more common in committing fraud than murder.

3.Here we are at the top three! Sagittarius, the third most dangerous sign! Danger Level: 10/12

Saggitarians rarely hurt others, so, they are most likely to become dangerous thieves instead of murderers. But arresting them may not be very easy.That’s the bomb! Scorpio on the second most dangerous sign! Danger Level: 11/12

2.That’s the bomb! Scorpio on the second most dangerous sign! Danger Level: 11/12

Probably their zodiac characteristics of bravery, the power of control and manipulation are the reason of being in the second place! They engage more in murders and kill people in a sadistical manner. Just as Charles Manson.

1.Meet the most dangerous zodiac sign! CANCER! Danger Level:12/12

Behind the emotional and sensitiveness characteristics of cancer, we felt frustrated to see them on the top of the dangerousness level. It is said that they murder mostly because of their jealousness. Most of them are said to commit murder because of jealousy.

Reference: PositiveMed

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