Why do we think of someone as a serial killer, or murderer when we hear the word ‘psychopath’? Did you know that about more than 1% of world population are psychopaths (except the ones in mental institutions or in jail)? The woman who passed by you while you were walking on the street, your friend, your medical doctor, even the person you’re dating or your family member can be a psychopath. The phenomenon of psychopaths is that they’re like a clown performing at kids parties. They look ordinary from outside. Whereas, if you look inside, you cannot be sure what you will come across with. Individuals with psychopathy have difficulty relating to others,  maintaining long-lasting relationships and these individuals usually left their partners with emotional and physical scars. We prepared some warning signs that you might be dating a psychopath so that you can take precautions regarding this.

Here are some warning signs that you might be dating a psychopath:

Lacks empathy:

Empathy refers to the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Psychopaths have been described as possessing ‘cold empathy’ in the way that they recognize emotions in others but do not experience normal feelings of empathy. A very thin key to understanding whether your partner lacks empathy is by observing whether your partner almost never yawned after you. Because the inability to yawn, after someone next to you yawned is associated with lack of mirror neurons, and lack of mirror neurons means having a lack of empathy. Of course, lack of empathy, understanding other person’s feelings or emotions, may be easily recognized and may cause serious problems in a relationship.

He is great in bed:

Everyone wants a great sex, but psychopaths do anything to be great in the bed and to please you because this is how he will trap you. Once he has trapped you, you’ll realize he does not want it anymore and does not care about it at all.

If you are probably weaker than him/her:

Individuals with psychopathy, often choose weak individuals in order them to be the superior one. Bundy, who has broken up thirty-five women’s skull, in one of his interviews he has said he could understand a ‘good’, ‘weak’ victim by the way of her walking. There was a research done on this by Angela Book to the college students who scored high on psychopathy tests and the results were that of a psychopath is very good in recognizing who is the weak one, and they usually choose those weak individuals.

Words such as ‘I love you’ do not have emotional meanings:

Saying to a psychopath words such as ‘I love you’ is nothing more than saying ‘I will have a cup of a coffee’. Psychopaths lacks empathy for others and the capacity to feel any emotion deeply. To psychopaths, words in a language do not have any deep sense or an emotional meaning. But be careful, they are very good in acting as they have emotions!

He is very persuasive:

Perhaps you suddenly found yourself dating with him more than once without actually planning to do. Psychopaths are very good in convincing and manipulation without making you be aware of it. You just suddenly find yourself doing everything he says, believing everything he tells you. According to careers with most psychopaths such as politicians and lawyers are all very good in being persuasive.

He is egoistic:

Psychopaths mostly have very high self-esteem and may have narcissistic traits. If your partner is dominating, self-centered and you find yourself being dependent on him, he might be a psychopath. Psychopaths, they take what they want and do as they please.

Note that having only one of the signs above does not mean to be a psychopath, but only if the person possesses several of them.

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