Narcissistic abuse is especially seen in narcissistic parents or partners. Comments and critics toward them make narcissists uncomfortable. They like to use people to their advantage. They see themselves as always being the right one, superior, unique and seek excessive attention and interest. They lack empathy and they always want to be liked. However, at the core of a narcissist, there is a combination of entitlement and low self-esteem. Whenever they see this at themselves, they want to project it into the others. Realizing that someone has Narcissistic Personality is not easy. They may be in your life for years without you being aware of it.

It is verbally designed.


Narcissists use language to abuse their victims. Verbal abuse is saying something that upsets or annoys someone else. Narcissists may blame, bully or demean you to make you feel inferior, thus you will automatically tend to see him superior and this is how you will kind of worship the narcissist, in which actually it is their main goal. Sometimes verbally abuse can be more harmful to our psychology rather than physical abuse, that’s why we should avoid narcissists or know how to answer to their verbal abuse.

They find your weakest side and use it in abusing.


First of all, narcissists seek to discover your weakest point, whether it is your weight, partner, family or your problems. Whenever they want to manipulate you, or does not receive enough attention they use it. For instance, they may say  ‘Oh you’re eating again? You should lose some weight! You look fat’ while presenting a high self-esteem, self-confidence image of themselves. Additionally, this influences a lot your psychology in a negative way.

Your partner may restrict you from maintaining other relationships.


Narcissist people demonstrate jealous behaviors. If you have a narcissist partner, he is able to restrict you from maintaining relationships with other people, especially with males or vice versa.

They make you feel inferior in front of the others.


Narcissists may bully and make fun of you in front of the others. Whenever they do not seek enough attention, they want to project this into the others in order to get attention.

They use it to manipulate you.


In manipulation, you don’t even know it’s happening. Especially if someone’s parent is a Narcissist, they use verbally abuse in order to control, manipulate and make their child do whatever they say.  This actually works, in time their children become their robots and they do whatever their parents say.

At the end, you still live dependent on them.


You know they hurt you, but you still feel like you need them. Sometimes you even blame yourself for what they do to you because they never see the fault in themselves instead they blame you for their mistakes.

Narcissistic abuse can result in a psychological trauma.


If you have been abused by a narcissist, especially by your narcissist parent, there is a great possibility that you are likely to have a psychological trauma. These can be anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. It is usually the case that people who have been exposed to verbally abuse do have psychological disorders but do not know where does it come from. If you also have a narcissist parent of a partner and also a depression or anxiety disorder, know that it is probably because of you being the victim of a narcissist.

Narcissistic abuse can change your life.


To be exposed to a narcissistic abuse can influence your life, especially your identity. It can change your true self, it can make you someone completely different. Because of this influence, you may start to present yourself to the others as someone different. In other words, your self-concept and independence would be systematically taken away.


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