Have you thought about what would it be like to have a partner with a personality disorder? Some of the people with a certain personality disorder are so much master on hiding their mental health problems that maybe you actually dated one of them without being aware of it. Narcissists are the ones who like to boast on themselves, they are self-centered, manipulative and seek for excessive admiration and attention. Sociopaths are aggressive and irritable. They disregard and violate physical and emotional rights of the others. About %16 of the population has been diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. On the other hand, Sociopaths make about 3-5% of the general population. Be careful before you date someone and read carefully the subtitles written below. If someone carries these behaviors, you better stop communicating with them at all.

  1. They use sex to manipulate you.

Both narcissists and sociopaths target you because you probably have something they want, it can be money, social or business interest. Some of the narcissists even themselves may think they’ve fallen in love, but there is no such a thing for both Narcissists and Sociopaths. They always use you for something in advantage.

2. Sociopaths feel nothing emotionally while engaging in sex.

Sex is nothing than an animal behavior for them. They avoid love and affection in relationships. To them, sex is nothing than a momentary and meaningless physical pleasure.

3. Sociopaths behave aggressively in sex.

Sociopaths have high levels of testosterone, and this causes them to act aggressively in sex. First, they may start softly then begin to show their aggressiveness. What is interesting is that most of the partners of Sociopaths actually very like this behaviors. Perhaps this is because of the sociopaths’ ability of manipulation.

4. Intimacy does not exist.

Both Narcissist and Sociopaths are masters on faking intimacy when in fact for Narcissists sex is just another tool to get attention and adulation. For sociopaths, on the other hand, it is something they have to take advantage of it, or nothing more than a follow of sexual instinct. Both of them use sex for a variety of reasons including power, attention, control or increasing self-image. However, intimacy never exists.

5. Narcissists blame their partner for dissatisfaction in sex.

Just as in any other situation, narcissists never see the fault in themselves, even if they are the one to blame. Same thing happens in sexuality; to them, it is always their partner who does the wrong.

6. Sociopaths get bored easily.

Sociopaths want excitement, They cannot resist monotony. So once your novelty as a partner has become old, they will want to engage in practices you’ll find uncomfortable in order to renew their like towards you. If this doesn’t work, they’ll seek to fulfill their excitement and need for change with different people.

7. They have no empathy.

To a sociopath, their partner is nothing more than an object. Sociopaths lack understanding the feelings and emotions of the other person and disregard their partner’s feelings.For narcissists, too, the only important things is themselves and their feelings, they do not think about their partner. Both of them cannot put themselves in another person’s position.

8. They never apologize.

Engaging in sex with a sociopath can return to a rape or a sexual abuse. Yet, you can never come across with a Narcissist or a Sociopath to apologize for violating your rights. Sociopaths simply do not care about it, whereas narcissists are ‘too cool’ to apologize.

9. Both of them are simply fake.

The relationship of a sociopath or a narcissist is simply fake. If they do something, they never think of you or your goodness but only themselves.Either they seek something in advantage from you or your weakness and admiration towards them boost their self-esteem and this gives pleasure to them. Be careful before you engage in sexual relations with them because they are very good in hiding their personality problems.

Copyright: Dream Humanity