No matter of their physical gender, raising a feminist child nowadays carries importance more than everything. Unfortunately, most people confuse the exact meaning of feminism. Feminism is not seeing a woman superior to men, in contrast, it is seeing and respecting both genders equally and providing both of them with equal social or economic standards.  It is simply the fight for basic gender justice.

We have often heard that a woman and a male worker who do the same job, because of his gender, the male worker earns more money.  Men may be physically stronger than women – of course, there are exceptions – but where discrimination against women exists, what is required is not the physical sturdiness but intelligence, creativity, and open-mindedness. If we look at the leaders, Nobel prize winners why most of them include the male population? Do they want to give the idea that males are superior, more intelligent and more creative in contrast to women? How many women leaders can you name? What about women artists, scientists, philosophers? If I would ask you to name ten famous scientists, artists, writers, philosophers, probably out of ten, only one of them would be female and the others would be male. This is because of the media and our textbooks that they rarely include women and give us the idea that women are inferior to men. But finally, nowadays people start to see the reality, become more open-minded and search for equality.

Your daughter can be anything.

Because of the way they have been raised at home, most of the girls in my environment believe they are inadequate to do hard tasks. And because of this they usually have low self-esteem and self-confidence even though some of them are actually very clever. Their family has convinced them that they can be nothing than housewives, and their life purpose should be to look after their husbands and please them.  The idea is that their husbands work for them, and women keep the house clean. There is no need for a woman to work. But we as humans are intelligent, we have reason and everyone can think outside of the box. Both genders can be anything, without being limited to become a housewife. A man can also work as a caregiver, a woman can also drive a bus.

Boys also CAN cry. Boys CAN wear pink.

If we want to create a society where both genders are equal, we should also give men more choices. Neither colors nor emotions do have genders. Do not raise your son as crying is not for boys, do not make them feel shameful if they cry in front of the others. Feel free to buy any color of clothes to your son, whatever he likes more. Colors do not have gender.

Cooking is not just for girls.

Take both your daughter and your son with you when you cook at home.  This will give them the idea that cooking is not just for girls.

Buy your daughter any kind of toys – not only girl things-

As children, we have always been playing games as we were housewives taking care of children or we could at the very most be teachers or doctors. We never played with cars, motorbikes, or robots. Probably you also didn’t. This is because of the cartoons we have been watching and because of our environment.  The games we have been playing as children determines our inferiority in the future. Why should your daughter play only with baby dolls or kitchenware toys?  Toys must not have genders. A girl can also be an engineer, scientist or wrestler. But if you expose them to only Barbie girl toys, all of her time will be wasted to improve her physical outlook as she grows older.

Teach your son that apologizing is okay.

Boys often prefer not to apologize because they think it is a sign of weakness when it is actually a sign of bravery.

Both men and women can work and take care of home at the same time.

If both of them participate in office work, then they can both take care of kids or home when they are back. It is not just a women thing. And remember your children always take you as models. Whatever you do, they will repeat them in the future.


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