Do you believe that your brain has powers that you have yet to unleash?  We have seen many movies talking about unlocking the mind and the true potential of it such as Lucy or Limitless.  The magical secret to unlocking your mind lies within yourself.  Here are a few methods you can use to access the potential of your brain.

  1. Reach Beneath the Surface

Your conscious is a small portion of knowledge and wisdom that is called your subconscious mind.  On average we use about ten percent of the brains actual potential.  The other 90% remains untouched.  Breaking into your subconscious mind is the entrance to knowledge and the most straight forward manner of learning how to meditate.

Meditation comes in so many forms.  It allows you to alter your brain routines.  During this method you will be able to gain entrance to your subconscious mind.  You will experience deep creative thought and have a vision that will seem unrelated to what might be deeply connected.  Solving problems will come at ease and the solutions will be deeper.  When you become more advanced in your meditation, you will slowly be able to access deeper levels of your consciousness and the true potential of your brain will be unveiled.

Meditation is easy to learn and can be practiced by anyone. The practice of meditation has many other benefits as well, which have been studied extensively over the past few decades. Meditation leads to real changes in your brain with a marked physical increase in both white and gray matter. It also causes the release of a whole range of beneficial brain chemicals, increasing your feeling of well-being as well as improving your mood, learning capacity and memory, amongst other things.

  1. Believe in the Power of Your Mind

Do you often believe that you have such control over your mind or even yourself?  Not believing in your ability can hold you back from unleashing your power.  Lots of us have beliefs that we grew up with and we believe that we can’t achieve such greatness.  Your past achievements and your past is subpar to the access of the potential that you hold now.  Mediation will allow you to gain access to your potential, but you also should start believing in your ability to add this to your life.

  1. Fill Your Mind with the Right Things

If you desire your mind to operate at full capacity and at a high performance, you will need to be thoughtful of what you fill it with.  There have been many studies into the link between food and cognitive function.    Here is some guidance:  Avoid all the unnecessary junk food you love to consume and try eating healthy and fresh foods as often as possible.  Omega 3 oil is a much needed component of your daily intake and there is much proof to its role in feeding your healthy brain functions.  Use as many antioxidants as possible, such as green tea, black tea, white tea, or foods that range high in vitamin C.   Another important task is to exercise on a routine basis.

The trick to unlocking your brain power is no secret and it isn’t hidden.  Acknowledge the wonderful aspect of your mind.  Stay inspired to take care of the body and all its gifts. You are and will always be the key to self-improvement. You should always be searching for methods of making yourself better.   Meditation, fruits of the mind, believing, and exercising are all the keys you need to unveil the full potential of your brain.  Exploring your mind starts today; it is up to you to start your journey.


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