Growing air pollution, melting glaciers, tsunamis, deteriorated balance of the nature, climate change. All of these bring up the question ‘Is the end of the world coming?’ Although environment problems will always occur, what about if I tell you it is up to us to stop – at least – growing these problems ? Yes it is possible. If we decide to be careful, pay attention, take care of little things, the world could be a better place. Still it can be. Here are some simple ways to save the world that we prepared for you:


1. Use water wisely.


While brushing your teeth, showering, or washing the dishes, turn off the tap. Do not leave the water run continuously. If you need to wash the car,take your car to  a wash car that recycles the water. When doing laundry, match the water level to the size of the load. Conserve water. The wastewater pollution can have negative impact on fish and wildlife population as well as on global warming. If you want to save the planet, use water wisely.

2. Store leftovers in a glass food container.


If you have leftover vegetables, soup, or any other kind of meal use glass jars instead of plastic. This is  better for your health as well, since plastic jars can also increase cancer risk. If you have to pack something, for instance your lunch, again use some reusable container instead of plastic.

3. Choose electronic versions.


Did you know that the produce of only one piece of paper requires 10 liters of water? Imagine how many papers has already been produced while you are reading this right now; and imagine how many useless papers are being thrown away – all those useless packages, bills, tickets –  To avoid harming the environment, when buying a ticket,  choose e-tickets; If you want to buy a new book, choose e-books ,or, instead use library books. Choose electronic versions, avoid wasting too much paper.

4. Go Vegetarian/Vegan.


Each of us blamed cars and lambs for climate change until today. However, the biggest cause of global warming is the meat consumption. Namely, the methane gas farm animals release. In order to produce 1 kg meat, 100 thousand liters of water is being wasted. This number equals to a person’s waste of water while showering for 2 years. Four days without meat, equals to the use of electricity in one family. While reducing meat consumption, you reduce  greenhouse-gass emissions – Carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane – Especially the production of beef requires more resources than other sources of meat.  One of the most powerful steps to save our planet is by stop eating meat, eggs, milk or reducing to eat them at least twice in a week.  Vegetarian as a diet does help both the individual’s health and the world’s.

5. Bring your own shopping bag.


If you go shopping clothes, groceries or anywhere else, always take a small bag with you. Thus, avoid using plastic bags. The use of plastic bags not only is harmful for the environment, sea life and wildlife, but also the production of it includes many waste of natural resources. It is a very popular idea to place the plastic bags in recycle bin; However, researches have proven that there are actually very few plants whom can recycle.

6. Drive Less, Fly less; Walk more, Cycle more.


Another important factors that leads to global warming and air pollution is our personal use of cars, planes, trucks and other vehicles. If you drive less and fly less despite saving environment, you can also save oil. Avoid using unnessesary car drives. Use biking and walking for your and the planet’s health!

Also :

  • Never thrown a paper in the street.
  • Choose energy efficient technology.
  • Do not use disposable straws & cutlery


Image: Pixabay [1]

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