You probably knew what I meant if you have an artist friend or artist people in your environment. People who possess artistic soul are miserable, almost no one understand them except the other artists. The uniqueness of an artist has been gone from being just a myth. A study published in NeuroImage has concluded that artists actually have different brain structure. However, we still face with struggles in understanding an artist’s personality and thoughts in our everyday lives, here are the reasons:


> They are highly sensitive.

Artistic people tend to reflect on things more than everyone else. They tend to be highly sensitive in understanding other people’s as well as animal’s feelings. They can also be very sensitive and may be uncomfortable by  loud noises. They may feel overwhelmed by the things like bright lights or strong smells. When lots of things are going on at once, they can feel depressive. Since all of these – such as loud noises, bright lights –  may be considered as something normal by the most of the people, people may find it difficult to understand artists’ and their exaggerated sensitivity in these kind of situations. But it is okay for them because they are used to hearing “Don’t take things so personally” and “Why are you so sensitive?”

> They have complex personalities.

Basically, people with artistic soul are difficult to understand because of their complex personalities. One day they may be socially active and the other day you find them locked in the house all day long. Because of this, they may have difficulties in maintaining relationships but their emotional side always is superior, they follow their heart and they cannot be easily detached from the people they love.

> They have completely different perspectives.

Artists do not see things in a way that a normal person does. Their eyes are like a professional camera with a good perspective,while  being extremely detail-oriented and they capture images they see beautiful and put those images into their brain. Their memory consists of pictures.  If you are not an artist, trying to understand this will be nothing than wasting your time.

> They express themselves differently.

Do not wait for someone who posses an artistic soul to express themselves as you. It is difficult to understand what an artist actually means and feels in expressing themselves in words. They may actually want to say ‘I love you’ while arguing with you, or they may actually show their love towards you while criticize you.

> They do not take things too seriously.

People with an artistic soul are used to be seen as weird from other people; now they do not feel offended by the behaviors and thoughts of the others towards them. Artists also do not like to be dependent on the rules, but prefer to live independently without taking life seriously.

> They have different style.

In giving first impressions, we can usually understand whether a person is an artist or not by the way they look. Artists usually do not have a clothing style as a regular person, but they somehow have a unique style. When it comes to listening to music, most of them listen to different and unique genre of musics in contrast to the rest of the society.

> They constantly daydream.

Artists understand  the power of the mind when it wanders. Remember we mentioned that their eyes are like a professional camera and their mind consist of pictures. If you find them lost in a conversation, not paying attention, looking somewhere like into a space, do not be surprised. By daydreaming they also boast their creativity, imagination and intelligence that later on returns as a benefit in their works. Daydreaming is not something weird, but is very useful especially in a workplace.

Image: Pixabay [1]

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