If you look at successful artists, businessman, musicians, it can seem that creativity is a gift; Yet, it is one of the myths most people tend to believe.  People think creativity and the ability to solve problems cannot be developed as it depends whether you have been born with it or not. Actually, it is not the case. Problem-solving capacity, cognitive functioning, and creativity can develop through practice, education, and experience. Nowadays, researchers suggest that it’s possible to prime the mind for creative ideas to emerge. Here are some simple ways you can do every day and consequently you will find yourself thinking outside of the box:


1.Brush your teeth with the opposite hand of your dominant hand.

This may sound weird but actually is very significant practice. From the moment we are born, through years we tend to use only one of our hands, thus the hand becomes dominant and now it is very difficult for us to use the opposite one. Our dominant hand is linked to one of our brain hemispheres, which means if it is your right hand that is dominant, you mostly use the responsible processes of the left hemisphere of your brain – such as analytic thinking, logic, language, numbers skills etc.- Brushing your teeth with the opposite hand, by practice, will lead you to use both of your brain hemispheres. Now you will not be limited to use only analytic thinking, reasoning, problem-solving but this will broaden to creative thinking, increased imagination, the intuition that are responsible for the use of right hemisphere and vice versa.

2. Learn a new language/culture.

Adam Galinsky showed that people who live abroad are more successful in a creative task and problem-solving . At the same time, people who can speak more than one language showed increased creativity. In Galinsky’s laboratory it has also been proven increased creativity in tasks of people who watched 45 mins of a presentation about China.  Another research  has concluded that people who go abroad and learn a new language are more convenient to creativity and cognitive functioning.  So if you want to think outside of the box, try to learn a new language, watch other culture’s documentaries, and make multicultural friends.

3. Write down your ideas.

Always keep a notebook by yourself. Creative ideas emerge in unexpected times. Have you heard those ‘aha-moments’?  They can come to your mind while you are walking on the street, while working, driving, before you sleep, at any sudden moment. When a creative idea arises, take notes. Write it somewhere and later on enlarge it. Do this regularly as a practice, you will see the results by yourself.

4. Read.

Reading increases creativity and the ability to think outside of the box. Reading makes you will realize how novice you are, consequently you will want to read as much as possible. Reading books leads us to think outside of our own perspective – as we take the author’s perspective-  thus, later on connect them with our own’s. If you are waiting for somebody, if you are traveling or in any spare time, do not waste your time but read everywhere. However, try to think critically while you are reading. Question what you read.

5. Write or Draw.

When I say writing, I do not only mean write poetry, stories or articles. Write something novel every day – an idea, an experience, ways to more successful – see if you have any mistakes, if you do, then work on them, re-edit them if needed. The same thing applies for drawing.  Do this for few months and you will observe your results.


  • Brainstorm
  • Solve Problems
  • Daydream, and
  • Be patient 🙂

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