Are you in control? Well, the truth is, you are never truly in control of much in this life. You may think you have a handle on each given situation, but chances are, many factors in life are the ones that are calling the shots. If you feel yourself growing antsy, starting to panic, well, I suppose you have control issue, maybe you have been stricken with anxiety. Let’s look.

Maybe the problem is that you want to control everything.

Understanding the amount of control that you have or don’t have over your life, comes from one simple question. “Do you wish to have authority over everything?” Maybe that’s your problem, maybe you feel like you’re spiraling downward whenever you don’t have a handle on all areas of your life – you have relationship issues, you suffer from anxiety and even battle depression as well.

Are you a control freak?

There are certain signs proving that you might have lost your way. To really get a good look at what might be happening to you, first take these indicators into consideration.

You try to stop trouble before it begins

Instead of enjoying life and being prepared for when hardships occur, a control freak will set out to stop all bad things from happening beforehand. If they can sense that something is off, then they will put all their energies into finding a safe space. They are, in a sense, building fortifications while trying to change the situation at the same time. This uses huge amounts of life force.

You are harsh and unforgiving

When someone makes a mistake, you have trouble letting it go. You feel that in order to prevent the situation from happening again, you must show anger and reiterate strong points targeting the one who made the mistake. In your eyes, there is little room for error and the same mistake should not be repeated. Although you claim to forgive, your actions say that you are bitter about the whole ordeal.

You try to force change

Instead of accepting things the way they are, you rather force your beliefs, morals and principles on others. Change is important to you and it seems like everyone else should think the way you do. This is not true, and by forcing change, you will not see lasting change at all. When people reject this, you will spend even more energy arguing with them about why they are wrong.

It’s hard for you to keep a healthy relationship

When you’re a control freak, you try to control everything, and this means your relationship as well. When you see the smallest inconsistency, you will bring it to light and then try to force a resolution. Either that, or you will just break the whole things off. You cannot stand to feel like you are not the one in control of the entire relationship, either by force or manipulation.

It’s tricky, but being in control can be good and bad

To have control of your life is a good thing. You need to be able to make tough decisions and plans in order to be successful, as well as stay in control of your self-esteem. But when it comes to controlling your environment and other people, you must be careful. There are so many ways to destroy your relationship, your job and the bond with your family. Being a control freak is never a good thing, so check these indicators and adjust where needed. When you learn to let go a little, you will find out that the world is a much better place.

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