Relationships are about supporting your significant other for better or worse. There are going to be plenty of days where things will seem worse than the others. Relationships don’t come with a guide, and sometimes a man can be in the darkness when it comes to having the knowledge of comforting his lady when she is in a bad mood.

As a man, I have been dealing with women for quite some time. I have been through plenty of days when my woman wasn’t in the best of moods. I can’t speak for women in general, but I believe I have a good idea of what women need when their day isn’t so great. Here are a few things you can do when her day just isn’t the best.

1. Give Her A Hug

You will be surprised how much power a hug has. Hugging is also very healthy. When someone you care about gives you a hug, oxytocin hormones are released, and they help relieves stress and anxiety. That means when you are embracing your lady, you are giving her the physical cure of what she needs to feel better.

You are also showing her your love without her having to do anything. More times than not she will appreciate your efforts and how well you are able to ease her pains by giving her the physical presence she needs.

2. Acknowledge What She is Telling You

The key to this is listening. Most likely she is more than capable of fixing her own issues, but she needs you to talk about these things with. Women don’t need a Prince Charming to save her from all of her problems. She just needs a friend that will acknowledge and listen why she is in a bad mood.

3. Give Her Compliments

When your woman is going through a tough time, one of the most efficient things you can do for her is telling her the good things about herself. Women are bigger critics to themselves than anyone else. When their day is hard, they are probably fighting themselves on the inside, focusing on things that haven’t occurred or things they have failed in.

Women compare themselves to other women who believe their beauty and intellect are that of a God. This is a routine they have a hard time breaking, especially when things aren’t going well. Your best option is to help your love see her strong points.

4. Love Your Lady

When your love isn’t having the greatest day, it is far too easy to get ill with her. The answer here is DON’T. Give her your love and support instead. It is important to be patient and kind with her. Give her some space and do everything within your power to be understanding. Help her do chores around the house. Frequently ask her if you can do anything to aid her emotions.

Make romantic suggestions such as having a picnic, taking a walk together. This allows her to get a chance to breathe. Taking her to go see a movie might even help. Do everything within your power to show that no matter what you exist for her and you are there for her as her best friend. You aren’t dealing with her issue; you are just helping her with the emotions that are wrapped around the issue.

5. Give her some Space

Some cases when your woman is grumpy, the best cure of all is some space. If she has had a rough day with the children, offer to cook dinner or order some delivery so she doesn’t have to worry about cooking.

Run her bath water and allow her some time to relax. She might read a book or listen to some light music. Help her find peace from her issues. If you can manage to create a place of love, peace and tranquility, she will likely let go of being upset.

Be Positive

Your love’s happiness doesn’t rely on you. Women manage their own happiness. Creating an atmosphere of love and respect does a lot for a frustrated woman. It’s not likely you will be able to change your love’s mood, but you have a choice to how you react. Choose to act in a positive manner, and you will influence your lady’s heart.

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