Although it may depend from person to person, there are certain things almost every wise people have in common. A wise person is intellectually curious, ‘brain-hungry’ and even in their spare times, they will look for feeding their brain by something that can contribute to, learn, and develop themselves. Their brain is always on. Wise people also may watch TV, surf the internet, talk to other people or play games in their free time, but not in the same way as some ordinary person does. They may watch something intellectual on TV instead of watching something pointless, they may read something interesting on the Internet and talk about knowledge and exchange ideas with other people instead of gossiping about someone. We added the things an intellectual or a wise person does to waste their time, but the thing is what they may not seem as wasting time at all 🙂 Here are some of the things a wise person does to waste time:

  • They read

    Regardless of their profession, wise people like to read anything that seems interesting to them. It can be psychology, politics, religions, archeology if it sounds interesting. After a tiring day, wise people choose to rest by reading. While traveling, wise people choose to read. Waiting for someone? Wise people read!



  • Listen to Audiobooks/ Watch documentaries or TED Talks

Documentaries and TED Talks are a great way to improve your general knowledge. They are inspiring and broaden knowledge and perspective of an individual on various topics. Especially TED Talks increase the ability to think critically. Audiobooks are associated with increased creativity and imagination. Listening to audiobooks, watching documentaries and TED Talks are the preferable things wise people would like to do to waste their time.


  • Kill time on Wikipedia

Reading does not only mean having a book on your hand. Wise people like to research, and suddenly they may find themselves reading a certain topic on Wikipedia for hours. They are ready to search about it for hours if it picks up their curiosity, and they definitely enjoy it!

  • They engage in intellectual conversations

Think about what you enjoy talking about while you are with your friends? If you like to talk about certain authors, questions, world problems, philosophy or history instead of talking about sports, celebrities, or gossiping, you are probably a wise one! Wise people may waste their time by talking to a person who is wise too and who likes to talk about knowledge. Wise people are open-minded, and in such conversations, they welcome any idea of a person while also exchanging ideas between each other.

  • Learn a new language

Another interest of a wise person is the desire to learn languages as many as they can. They may do this by applying to an online course, reading books, or even listening to a music in a foreign language and translating it to their native language.


  • Self-talk

Wise people spend too much time in talking to themselves. They may usually talk inside of their minds. They question things and discuss ideas with themselves. They think critically about those ideas and put themselves as someone else defending the opposite of the idea.

  • They Create

Wise people are very interested in creating something in their free times. Most of them are very skilled in drawing or writing. They like to dream and use their imagination to create something. This may also be creating a video, editing photos, origami etc.

  • Practice

Some of the wise people want to be always active, they regularly hike mountains, join to the marathons, or exercise to waste their time. Another practice most of the wise people does is meditating. However, most of them are against -or find boring- sitting meditation. They prefer doing it at anywhere, anytime. Wise individuals waste time by practicing whatever they are more interested in.



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