Highly intelligent people know they are intelligent than most of the people around them, however, they sometimes feel bad because of that thanks to their poor social skills.

Are you considering yourself as a person with high IQ while others think you’re slow or stupid because of your overthinking or not being able to do small talks sometimes?

Relax because you are not the only one. There are other people out there who feel the same way and there are a few good reasons behind your inability to properly communicate with people sometimes.

  1. You overthink your responses 

Intelligent people as yourself care about how their words affect other people in conversation, unlike normal people who don’t watch out their mouths. This is a result of your over thinking which can sometimes seem strange to people while they’re talking to you. The more you overthink while leading a conversation with someone, the more awkward you seem to that person.

  1. Small talks may seem boring to you

Intelligent people don’t like chatting about the weather or join your everyday small talks because they seem boring to them. If you’re a man, imagine yourself listening to a woman who talks about cosmetics and you couldn’t care less but you have to listen in order to avoid hurting her feelings. Or if you’re a female, imagine listening to your man talking about car repair and you couldn’t care less about cars. That’s how intelligent people feel when they hear small talks or someone gossiping every single time.

  1. You find it difficult to bond with normal people

Normal people with average intelligence don’t have the same interests as yours and sometimes you can’t find a common subject to talk about because there’s actually nothing to talk about.

  1. You are more self-conscious

Unlike many people who don’t care how they look while socializing, intelligent people are extremely conscious when it comes to themselves and how other people perceive them. Imagine having someone by your side who’s always giving comments about the way you speak or act. That’s how intelligent people feel most of the time, however, that someone who’s always commenting and analyzing their words and actions is their own mind.

  1. You are more self-conscious about other people too

An intelligent people will notice whether you are listening what they have to say or just pretending to care about their opinion. Except for being self-conscious about themselves, highly intelligent people are also conscious about other people too, and when they notice that talking to you is only wasting their time – they will cut off the conversation because it seems impossible for them to continue talking to someone who doesn’t care what they have to say.

  1. Anxiety is your weak spot

Studies have found that intelligent people are more prone to anxiety than other people and that can affect their social skills. The reason why this may weaken their social skills is their awareness of the real world that’s dangerous and unpleasant place which causes their anxiety and makes them incapable of socializing with other people for a certain period of time.

  1. You tend to keep your privacy to yourself

Unlike other people who like to chat about their private problems, worries, achievements, relationships, feelings or fears, intelligent people tend to keep their privacy for themselves.

However, normal people can’t understand that and think that there must be something wrong with them once they refuse to share details from their private life.

  1. You hide your pain and suffering

Related to the previous reason why intelligent people have poor social skills, this one explains why they don’t share their feelings with other people. Apparently, intelligent people find it useless to share their pain and suffering with other people because except for keeping their privacy for themselves, they don’t like to spread negative energy and reveal their failures. Intelligent people learn from their mistakes without sharing their experiences and suffer in silence which usually damages their social skills.

  1. You love debates and always speak the truth

Intelligent people have poor social skills not only when they keep their mouths shut but when they open themselves too. If you think talking to an intelligent person who can’t debate in the moment can be weird, wait until you see one who’s in the mood for a debate.

Once he/she starts talking with enthusiasm, people can find it aggressive or worse – as a way of expressing their anger which is absolutely wrong. Intelligent people are aware of this and know that normal people can easily get offended, especially by the truth and that’s why they tend to speak less.

  1. You can easily involve in conflicts

Intelligent people can close their eyes in front of injustice or bad ideas which can easily involve them in conflicts by trying to explain why they’re right. However, people are easily offended when someone corrects them in this way, even if they sometimes are aware of being wrong.

Intelligent people with poor social skills – be proud of yourself and your rich mind because your mind and ideas are way more important than your social skills.

Reference: Learning Mind