We all know more or less those dark negative voices inside of our heads that tell us we are not good enough, things will get worse, nothing is important in life. It is like a battle between us and them.  Sometimes we give up and let them destroy us, whereas sometimes we choose to win. It is up to us whether we will decide to be victims of the negative thoughts, or, to control them.  Unfortunately, this is not being aware of from the most of the people; therefore, we decided to give you some tips about how to overcome negative thoughts:

~ Focus on your positive thoughts

Your focus determines your reality.

When faced with negative situation one of the strategies most optimist people use is to focus on the positive thoughts. Optimists appear to maintain their positive evaluation through the ups and downs of everyday life. Take a small paper and a pen and write  down a list of the things you are grateful for and of the things that are going well in life, then, put the list in your wallet and whenever you come across with a negative situation or you seem to be trapped in your negative thoughts, take out the list and read them! Just as an optimist person would do it naturally. You will notice how some of the negative thoughts will suddenly fade away maybe you will even find yourself smiling.

~ Say the opposite

Engage into a debate with your negative voices in your head. If a bad voice says; ‘ You are not good enough, you will fail, you cannot do this’ say the opposite: ‘ I am good enough, I can do this just as an ordinary person can also do. Nothing lacks in me. And if the opposite happens, doesn’t matter. Everything is temporary’. The bad voice will continue to come up with examples in order to win against you, but do not allow it to destroy you, it lies. You control your mind.

~ Don’t take anything too seriously

“ Keep the circus going inside you, keep it going, don’t take anything too seriously, it’ll all work out in the end ” – David Niven

Optimists are more likely not to accept negative thoughts and they do not give up on them. Consequently, they are experiencing serious happiness. You can also be one of them. When a negative thought comes up, just watch it; see the purpose of it, see what it wants to do to you. You will soon realize that they are not what makes you you. You are not your negative thoughts. All they want is to distract, destroy us. It is your choice to let go the negative thoughts. Just do not care at all! Remember, everything is temporary. Now the things you are being bothered about, will no longer disturb you after a year. They will all be gone, they will all fade away.

~ Smile

Even if we have already been trapped in negative thoughts, we should force ourselves to smile. When we smile, we tend to experience pleasure or happiness because our brain provides emotional experience of happiness while changes in our facial muscles happen. Try to do this as a practice, look into the mirror for few minutes and smile to your reflection.

~ Meditate or practice Yoga

” Past and future are in the mind only – I am now.” -Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Meditation is the key and the best solution to overcome negative thoughts. Sometimes we are being imprisoned in our thoughts and cannot be aware of the importance of the present moment. By doing meditation, your mind becomes calmer, and those bad voices go away. When faced with a negative situation, focus on your breathing, or on your bodily sensations. Becoming conscious of our breathing clears our mind from the destructive thoughts and emotions, and it improves our well-being. Studies have found that focusing on our breathing can reduce stress, decrease anxiety and increase our energy.

~ Do small things that make you feel good

Everybody enjoys doing some activities depending on their personality.  Before the negative thoughts come, start doing the activities you find fun. If you love reading books, make time and read. If listening to music makes you feel better, put it on. If you like to write, express your current feelings to the paper. If you like to be physically active, go for a long walk in the nature or ride a bike.

~Talk to a friend

Additional important factor to overcome your negative thoughts is not keeping it to yourself. If you do not feel good, try to talk to a close friend, family member, or someone who is a good listener and can understand you. Do not hesitate to ask for advice of someone. Talking to someone will make you better.

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