Especially in the last century, we are surrounded by various forms of media  from TV to newspapers. We enjoy spending time on these platforms, being able to collect more than enough information in any field we are interested in, or acquiring information about the world news. However, we never question their accuracy instead we choose to blindly believe. In this article, we are going to focus on the Television and its impact on the human psychology as well as how it is used to manipulate people.

One day, two men named  Philo Farnsworth and Charles Francis Jenkins did a huge contribution to the world history. This two men invented the Television, a rectangle box with images and sounds within, that includes another world inside and that more or less all of us got at least one of it in our houses. This inventory especially took attention of those people who run the world, now that they got an easy tool to spread certain controlled information to manipulate, distract and to control people.

Media is a tool to control people.

Did you really think all of those series and news are there just to make us have fun and spend a good time? There is a deep organization behind all of the media structure that we are not aware of. In ancient Greece and Rome, drama and sports were used to distract people from what was really going on. The Same situation happens with today’s media. Not only they are there to contribute to the world economy and capitalism where power-hungry people are earning money more than it is needed, but they also serve a huge place in regard to distracting us from what is really happening in the world.

Psychologists believe we are being hypnotized while watching TV.

There is a deep psychology of persuasion behind the media’s messages and it is a very powerful tool to shape the way people think, feel and act. The media gives us the facts government wants us to know, and not telling us the facts they don’t want us to know. Nowadays our society is shaped and controlled by the media that is mostly unconsciously and it is very difficult to understand and accept the influence of media has in people. Psychologists also agree with this, they suggest the idea that we are being hypnotized while watching TV, or, while spending time on the Internet. Being hypnotized is an important factor because your unconsciousness is now opened and is available for any source of information to  enter, with or without you being aware of it, and at the moment when you allow these informations to spread to your inner mind, it can also have an impact in your future actions and the way you think. This is about watching series or the news for an hour, and imagine how many hours we’ve spent in front of the TV. Now think about it, are you really you? Or, are you and your actions controlled by media? Are you someone else’s puppet? Are you really independent?

Are you really independent?

Now that we are in an era where we are overwhelmed with a flood of information, these sources of information serve the powerful interests and individuals who own them. Before it has never been so important to have independent, honest voices and sources of information. I am never suggesting the idea to quit watching TV, seeing the news, or watching films. I am claiming the idea just to be aware of the media’s messages including to think critically about it without being manipulated by the media and the messages included. I am standing up for to be free from the media’s messages, not letting the media to have an impact in our personality without questioning and analyzing the messages in it.

Question everything, before blindly believing!



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