We, humans, are social creatures so understanding society and people around you will obviously help you in every part of your life. In this issue, psychology can help you a lot. You don’t have to do master’s degree to understand psychology. If you are a good observer you can understand it pretty good with a little touch of life experience. I’ll give you some psychological rules which help you to understand the people around you. If you figure them out, your life will be much better. Remember these rules before making a decision regardless whether big or not.

Don’t Panic! People Don’t Care As Much As You Think

We all are concerned about society’s opinions before doing something. ”What will they think ıf ı do this.” Probably they won’t even realize what you’re going to do. People often tend to deal with their own complications and insecurities. We all have problems that are why our priority is to solve them. Of course, there are always some people who consistently watch and judge other people. Just ignore them and focus on your own business.

We Are Changing All The Time

Some people have difficulty to understand that we all can change. Last year you might be a liberal, afterward, you decided to be a socialist. Don’t let anyone judge you because of this. And don’t judge or insult anyone.  Our views are not permanent. They don’t have to be permanent. We don’t have to be the same person with the ten minutes ago. Remember!

The Only thing that does Not Change, Is Change Itself

―Leo Veness

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Some people do it to satisfy their own ego. But they only demean themselves with that. ”Putting others down does not lift you up.”  The more you watch and care about others the less you focus on yourself. Don’t waste your time with what other people have. If you’re looking for something to compare, then pay attention to Freud.

The only person with whom you have to compare yourself is you in the past

-Sigmund Freud

Give Some Love To A Person In Need

 There’s no power as strong as love, you can open any door with love. We all need to be loved. Try to find people who need love. Usually, people don’t reveal it. Be a good observer and feel their inside. You lose nothing if you give some love to a person in need. Visit a rest home and talk with old people. It might be helpful for you to talk with experienced people as well. Fondle a stray dog and feed him. You will spread great vibes around you in this way. Your life will be much better than you think.

Realize People’s Values And Respect them

Sometimes people are sensitive on some specific issues. For instance, most people bond with their pets like children. When someone loses a pet, don’t say ”Well, It was only an animal” Be sensitive and pay attention to his loss. It may be the less important thing than a pet, still, respect it and help if you can.

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