It is very important to notice the fake people in your life. Because if you notice them you can avoid them, as well as your business, love and social life will be absolutely better. Of course avoiding is not the only option; actually trying to help is a better way both for you and for them. If you can’t help them, apply the plan B and avoid them.

This post will not only help you to notice the fake and genuine people around you, it will also lead you to recognize yourself -whether you are genuine or not. Knowing other people is important but knowing yourself is much more important.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

~ Aristotle

To have a better life, just read the post and know both yourself and people around you.


    Genuine People Respect Everyone

Genuine people respect everybody regardless of beauty, richness or something else. They respect not only people but also all the living beings. If genuine people have pets, for example, they become close friends with their pets and usually animals respect them as well.

    Fake people only respect people with power

Fake people look out for their own interest, by this way they want to surround themselves with powerful people to take advantage of them. Sometimes they might be a flunky who shamelessly butters up other people to get some benefits.


    Genuine people don’t try to make people like them

They don’t act differently to gain other people’s favour. They behave naturally, that’s why usually people trust them and like them.

    Fake people try hard to make people like them

Everybody wants to be liked by other people but fake people try hard and act differently for that. They don’t appear as they are.

Appear as you are. Be as you appear.

~ Rumi


  Genuine people aren’t attention seekers

They don’t care of taking other people’s attention. Usually they feel uncomfortable when someone sitting beside them speaks loudly in public places. Briefly they don’t want to draw attention.

  Fake people are desperate for attention

They nearly can do everything to draw attention. Usually they speak and laugh loudly in public places. They try hard to look different. And they use social media very often by posting their own photos. Of course we all post our own photos on social media but I mean someone who post 2-3 photos each day. I don’t say everybody who post their own photos very often are fake people but this is also a sign of being a fake person. Just keep that in your mind.


  Genuine people don’t brag

They usually like to be alone. When genuine people with their friends they never brag. Bragging is not for them.

  Fake people show off all the time

They always want to be the number one. In this way, whenever they achieve something, they show it to the all people around them.


  Genuine people express their opinion openly

They tell their truth in a gentle way to be helpful for other people. They don’t conflict with themselves. They are open to criticism and they make constructive criticism.

  Fake people gossip a lot

Gossip is one of the most important sign of fake people. They talk even behind their own friends.


  Genuine people always try their best to live up their promises

They usually don’t promise something they can’t. If they promise, they try their best to live it up. Because trust is very important for them.

  Fake people make commitments easily, but seldom keep them

They promise easily to feel temporarily comfortable, however, they rarely keep them.


  Genuine people admire others and often praise others

They don’t begrudge other people’s success and they don’t hesitate to praise others.

  Fake people always critisize others to make themselves look great

”They put others down to lift themselves”  


  Genuine people are nice and helpful most of the time

Helping others is one of the biggest happiness source for them. They are always nice and kind. Kindness is the biggest weapon even for the unkind and rude people.

  Fake people are only nice when they have a hidden agenda

If they are nice, their actual goal is not to help people. Either they want to gain some benefits from them or they figure common interests out.

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