Each of us wastes the most important times of our lives to school or college in order to be able to work and to earn enough money to be happy at the end. If we only could understand that we actually waste all of our energy while doing those steps and at the end we still find ourselves to be unhappy. We have to realize that happiness is not in only material things, but there are also higher dimensions for achieving happiness. Things that may actually seem small, can have a good impact towards feeling good. These are those small things to have a good life:

1. Breath deeply and become conscious of your breathing

  “If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” says Amit Ray. Becoming conscious of our breathing clears our mind from the distractive thoughts and emotions, and it improves our well-being. Studies have found that focusing on our breathing can reduce stress, decrease anxiety and increase our energy. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing at least five minutes in a day, in the beginning, it may seem boring, however, after a while you’ll see the benefits and you will see that you have the need to continue this practice.

2. Replace the words “I can’t” with “why not?”

An intelligent person never puts a restriction on his ability, he/she never gives up, or, at least tries his/her best. We are not fated by our karma, instead, we are the creators of our destiny. We have to create a space for possibilities, we should start to take responsibility and take some actions before we finally give up.


3Drink water at least 2 liters per day.

Water makes our mind feel good. Additionally, it supplies our body with energy that it can use to stay active throughout the day. As a consequence, more of the “feel good” hormones fires through our brain and this helps us to stay in a “good mood”. Drinking water energizes our body, as a result, it influences our mind and our emotions positively.

4Look into the mirror and smile

Facial-feedback hypothesis’ suggests the idea that emotion is the experience of changes in our facial muscles. In other words, while changes in our facial muscles happen, our brain provides certain emotional experience. This means that, when we smile, we tend to experience pleasure or happiness. Just smile at your reflection for a couple of minutes; your reflection will like you, you will like your reflection, after couple of minutes, you will be more likely to experience happiness and pleasure. And if you do this practice everyday, it can be also connected with your psychological health.

5Say ‘goodmorning ____ (your name)’ to yourself everyday you wake up

Saying goodmorning to yourself every day you wake up will make you to be more in touch with yourself, will improve self-love as well as your self-esteem will increase. This can also influence your overall mood during the day and you will have a more positive point of view.

6Go into the nature at least once in a week

  Many psychological studies have found an association between nature and mental health. Exposure to nature was linked with increased energy, improved cognitive processes, increased sense of well-being, as well as reduced stress and anxiety. Nature just not only have an effect on our mind. Researchers have concluded that nature can help the body heal, too. In one study, patients whose hospital rooms overlooked trees had an easier time recovering than those whose rooms overlooked brick walls. We should not forget the importance of the nature in our society; so, let’s keep protecting it and take some action to those that wants to destroy it.

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