How interesting the human being is, isn’t it? The desire to fit in the society, to be accepted by the society influence the way we think, feel and act. We have that some kind of instinct or need to appear ‘good’ to the others.  And one of the most important factor, when people form the first impression on others, is people’s outlook or appearance. Furthermore, none of us can ignore the fact that the way we look is the most important factor while communicating with people because we all want to be accepted in groups. Consequently, we decided to give you some tips on how you can improve your look.

Here are some ways to improve your look;


1.Don’t wear too much makeup.

Your fresh skin really is more beautiful than having tons of makeup on it. Lots of people do not find too much makeup attractive, some of them even find it disgusting. Wearing too much makeup is not good for your skin, it may cause you to develop certain allergic reactions (e.g. bread, cream or a beauty product). It is okay to wear too much makeup some days, but not every day. It gives an appearance of an old person than you really are. Less make up clears your skin, your skin then produces it’s natural oils and blemishes diminish.


2.Take care of beard (if you are a male).

There are many benefits of growing beard that was even proven scientifically. Many people find beard attractive, but it is also

important to take care of it. First of all, the beard should be kept clean. Just like your hair, it is good to wash and shampoo your beard regularly. When it comes to trimming your beard, I would recommend having this done professionally unless you have the right required tools. Why grow a beard? Logically, the question ought to be: Why NOT grow a beard?

3.Meditate and practice Yoga

Stress releases cortisol (known as a stress hormone), which in turn increases oil concentration in skin. Reduced stress is important in promoting healthy skin cell growth and regeneration. As we go into the deep meditative state, the body enters into a healing mode. Meditation and Yoga improve the regeneration of hair and nails, meditation and especially yoga, improve our body muscles, makes our body more elastic, changes our body shape in which we are more likely to have a better look at the end.

4.Drink water at least 2 liters per day.
The importance of drinking water not only positively effects our health and psychological well-being, but it can also help the way we look better. Dehydration, or a lack of body water, may cause changes in our skin (e.g. acne). Additionally, it gives us an exhausted appearance which is hardly attractive. Drinking enough amount of water will help us to have a clearer skin and healthier hair besides making us feel more energetic.

5. Smile

Is it possible for a smile to not suit in someone’s outlook? I haven’t seen someone who becomes ugly when she smiles. Smiling makes us look better, it lightens up your appearance. According to psychologists, smiles help social connection and gives an impression of positivity and openness. Nobody will like someone who is every day depressed, frown because it is believed that with whoever you stay, you become like him/her. So do not forget to wear your smile, it is the best way to be accepted by the others and to have a good look!


Additional ways to improve your look includes:

  • Body posture
  • Eating healthy
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Taking care of your hygiene

If you have any other ideas, comment below 🙂

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