ways to be at peace

One of the ways to enjoy life as much as possible is to be at peace with yourself. Being at peace with yourself means doing things to empower yourself to make yourself the best you can be. Everyone may have negative feelings or thoughts about themselves from time to time; this is very natural. But if this continues for a long time, it starts to affect one’s life, success, or relationships with others. Therefore, being at peace with ourselves is much more important than we think. Below you can look at ways to be at peace with yourself and start applying them to your life.

1. Make time for yourself:

Some people like to be more social; others want to stay alone. Even though it’s good to socialize, it’s also good to make time for ourselves and to discover how we feel. When we are alone, our true personality comes out. Recognizing and working on our feelings and thoughts when we are alone is essential.

2. Don’t be hard on yourself:

Every human has faults or shortcomings – big or small; there are flaws. Focusing only on these flaws is not realistic, the same way we don’t see other people only in terms of their weaknesses. We need to forgive ourselves for our mistakes and be kinder to ourselves.

3. Create a morning routine:

What we do when we first wake up determines how energized we are for the rest of the day. Continuously turning off the alarm and going back to sleep, leaving the house without having breakfast sends a message to our body and mind saying, “I don’t have energy, I don’t like myself,” and this can go on for the rest of the day or even the rest of the week. Instead, if we start the day with behaviors that show that we value ourselves, we will determine how the rest of the day will go. Some examples are listening to our favorite song, taking a shower, putting on our favorite clothes, and stretching.

4. Celebrate the good things:

Appreciate even small successes, just as you do for others. Learn to say, “I did a good job.” You can also keep a “good things” diary, and every day, you can write down your good deeds and good points, even if they are small. You will reflect on this in a few weeks and feel very good.

5. Choose your friends well:

The people we spend time with affect our mood and our feelings about ourselves. People who make you feel bad, humiliate you and don’t appreciate your achievements will be a big obstacle to being at peace with yourself. Instead, surround yourself with people who are good for you and who understand and listen to you. Participating in more social activities can be helpful to expand your circle in this sense.

6. Do not compare yourself with others:

Do not compare your success or your own characteristics with others because we never know the real story of someone. The person you think is pleased may have many problems. Comparison won’t motivate us; on the contrary, it will drive us away from ourselves. The only person you should compare to were the version of yourself a few years ago. Once you look at that, you can see how much you have improved in just a few years.

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