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Women are definitely the more expressive partner in a relationship, but they can sometimes be shy about certain things. Sometimes women find it hard to be completely open with their better halves and wish there was some way for them to figure these things out by themselves. So for all the men, here are 10 things the woman in your life might not tell you outright but wants you to know:

1. She wants her man to appreciate her and be proud of her

She might never say it, but your acceptance greatly benefits her. When you show how happy you are about her achievements and how much you respect her, that gives her a boost that nothing else can.

2. She wants him to protect her against herself

She might not need physical protection from you, but she wants mental and emotional safety. When she has been overthinking and going over her head, she wants you to take charge and save her from her dark thoughts.

3. She wants his attention

In a relationship, you must be mentally, physically and emotionally available for each other. She shouldn’t have to be constantly struggling for your attention and fighting against your gadgets or other things. None of the partners should feel ignored in a relationship.

4. She wants him to be communicative

We all know it is difficult for men to express their feelings. And your woman knows and understands it. However, she would appreciate it if you tried to move a bit out of your comfort zone and talk to her. It will be perfect for your relationship as a whole.

5. She wants him to help her out, even if she doesn’t say so explicitly

Although we can do things independently, it is better to have someone to help us. She might not constantly ask you for help, especially if it can be done on her own, but if you are attentive enough to see that and help her- that’d be great.

6. She might need a break to deal with her feelings

Needing a break is not equal to a break-up, and most of us realize that. Yet we are still hesitant to broach the subject because we are worried about the partner’s reaction. If you see your woman being too caught up in her thoughts and actions, give her the space to figure things out at her own pace.

7. She wants him to take charge when she needs his assistance

This is not the same as saying that a woman will always need a man to guide her. Relationships are among equals, but that doesn’t mean that one person can’t be better than the other in certain things. For instance, if you are a better organizer, take charge of planning the vacation.

8. She wants intimacy with her man

She is not simply clingy, but a woman wants to feel close to her man, physically and emotionally. Men might not always need the same intimacy, but you must be attentive to her needs.

9. She wants him to think about her needs before she tells

This is challenging, but you have to do it when you are in a relationship. You might already be doing it in the form of little gestures. All you have to be is attentive and thoughtful about her needs.

10. She wants him to accept her for what she is

Blemishes and imperfections included. Even though she strives to be a better person every day for him, the assurance that he likes her for who she is can be a great motivator. She needs his support, not his judgment.

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