Before anything you would read on, I would like to say that this article is not being written by someone who is single. I’m in a relationship and no, we do not celebrate Valentine’s day. Of course, it depends on the individual’s point of view. It can be celebrated, it can be fun, it is happy to have a good time with your lover. 14th February is not ridiculous, but it is the people who make it ridiculous. Here’s why Valentine’s day is unnecessary to celebrate:

  1. Is your love one day of love?

I’d be happier if my boyfriend would give me a gift at a spontaneous moment rather than the Valentine’s because it would make me feel more special. Love should not have a particular day. Love is every day. Every day should be valentine’s day, every hour should be valentine hour, every minute should be valentine minute & every second should be Valentine second.

2. Consuming

Flowers, cards, chocolates are all a set up to make a profit out of us. Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for industries to make major coins. That “V-day special” is not really a cheaper option. It’s just a trick. If you’re in a serious, long-term relationship, there’s no need to spend the extra money when you’re most likely saving for your future together.

3. Flowers are unnecessary.

For those who buy flowers, or cut them in pieces and spread everywhere on the floor. It is really unnecessary since flowers will die after a week. You will just give money to see them dying, which is unethical for me. (Yes, plants have rights too! We all live in the same world)

4. Social Media Lovers

Nowadays for some people, it’s not even being in love anymore. It has become a show to other people to rub in what a lustrous love life they have, which actually shows the narcissistic unconsciousness of the person.

5.Some people might not have enough circumstances.

I know a friend who would not eat during the day in order to collect money to buy a gift to her boyfriend for the Valentine’s. The same applies to men. Some people might not have enough conditions and they’d get stuck in a bad situation and feel pressured and bad.

6. Crowds are overwhelming.

There’s nothing romantic about being surrounded by other couples who feel the same awkward pressure to define their relationship and one-up each other with shiny toys wrapped in red and pink paper. It’s actually the least romantic setting ever, to be out on Valentine’s Day date.

7. It’s just a simple day.

Strong couples probably wouldn’t be bummed if they realized on Feb. 15 that they missed Valentine’s Day. It’s just another day. And it doesn’t really matter.