The 19-year-old teenager Sahar, from Tehran, Iran, has nearly 600,000 followers on Instagram. She has gotten 50 surgeries just to look like her favorite Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. She followed a strict diet to lose about 90 pounds and achieve Angelina’s famously slim figure as well.  

Sahar has only posted 35 posts as of November 30, but the photos she does have attracted a large group of people to her profile. 

Her Instagram profile boasts of photos that portray Sahar with Angelina’s pointed cheekbones and a plump pair of lips. However, not everyone is impressed with this look, with many saying she looks more like the Corpse Bride rather than the Hollywood A-lister.


Some of the horrible feedback she got varies from “Zombie apocalypse” to “Zombelina Jolie”. 

Even though the latest photos have more pronounced features that resemble that of Angelina, her old posts show a less pointed nose, which can be attributed to the fact that she probably got those photos taken before getting all the surgeries done.  

However, many refuse to believe she has actually gotten 50 surgeries done. The skeptics are of the opinion that the look may be a result of some admirable make-up or photoshop work. Sahar herself is yet to clarify the truth. 

This is how she  looked like before: 

Recently there are sayings that the teenager accepted that she got surgery, but her goal wasn’t to look like Angelina Jolie.

She has now spoken out to dismiss the claims that she ever wanted to look like the star. She also admitted that while she has had ‘a nose job, enlarged mouth, and liposuction’, most of her unusual appearance is down to make-up and editing. 

Since it is her own body and face, she has the right to do whatever she wants. The point is to be happy at the end, nothing else matters.