As years pass by and bad experiences start to affect our feelings, the soul or as many like to call it – our spirit, becomes numb. For those who aren’t familiar with the term ‘numb soul’ we wish you never experience it, however, for those who did face a numb soul by now, we have a few pieces of advice on how to revive your spirit again and bring back that sparkle in your eyes.

Having a numb soul is equal to being dead because with the numb soul you can’t feel anything. However, that doesn’t mean you’re heartless or cold-blooded. People with numb souls are actually the ones who once cared too much, about everything, all the time.

And when in the world where everyone couldn’t care less, they finally felt like someone who couldn’t care more – they forced themselves NOT to care anymore. Are you feeling numb right now? Did: ‘I don’t care about anything anymore’ became your reality? Keep reading and find out the 11 ways on how to revive your numb soul and enjoy the beauty of feelings again.

  1. Give yourself a chance for a new romance:

    Sometimes heartbreak can lead to numbness of the soul. If you’re going through a heartbreak right now, try to realize that nothing is eternal and you shouldn’t stress so much over a relationship. Give yourself a chance for a new romance, instead of greaving and we promise you will feel your spirit reviving again thanks to the new person who’s entered your life.

  2. Create art:

    Masterpieces never came out of happiness. It’s well known that artists create the best work in their life when they’re feeling sad or numb because in moments like that – they’re trying to find themselves again. Follow their example and take the brush in your hand. Although you’re not a professional artist, what you create in moments of numbness will wake up your soul and ask her how she really feels.

  3. Cry:

    Once you manage to let your tears wash out the pain from yesterday or any day that’s responsible for the numbness you’re feeling, there’s still a chance to revive your soul. Crying will not only convince you that you still have feelings but will also take that stone of your chest that’s keeping you from breathing free.

  4. Read books:

    Reading books will wake up your feelings because you will have to imagine yourself as a part of the story you read in order to understand it. When you’re feeling numb and don’t know how to deal with your numbness, remember that books, especially novels are always the best solution for reviving your emotions again.

  5. Travel alone:

    Spending some time alone, in a different city or state away from people who’ve hurt you or places that remind you of the people who’ve hurt you is always a good idea and a perfect solution for reviving your emotions and lighting up the fire inside of you. Travel alone and we promise you will start feeling again. New beginnings, such as traveling to an unknown place have the power to revive you like nothing else can.

  6. Write poetry:

    What can be more emotional than writing poetry? We know that not everyone was born as a poet, however, everyone can become one. However, you have to let your spirit to write and shut down your mind. Write about your previous good or bad feelings that turned your soul numb and you will see them coming back in a second.

  7. Break something:

    Breaking something, like glass or stab a pillow with a knife can not only reduce your stress but also break your numbness. The secret to this method lies in the ‘breaking moment’ when you let your physical strength do something that will empower your spiritual In the moment of breaking, we all feel like birds who ran out of the cage and spread their wings after a long period of being trapped by people.

  8. Have sex:

    You probably heard by now that sex is the answer to all of the questions. We don’t agree on that because sex it’s just a physical act that is overrated, however, what we agree on, is that sex can sometimes relax our body and let our emotions come back to revive our soul in an unknown magical way. Sex has that kind of ‘power’ over people.

  9. Sleep for days: 

    When nothing goes right, go to sleep. Simple as that. Just put on your favorite pajamas and cover up with your soft blanket. Many people find the solution from their problems by doing this, and if it helps them to keep their spirit alive, then it should probably help you to revive yours. Who knows, maybe you will realize that all you needed in order to feel alive again, was just a long, long

  10. Set up new life goals:

    Some people feel numb once they realized that plan A didn’t work, however, what they forget is that the alphabet has other letters and they should try with a plan B, C, D or turn to the Chinese alphabet if none of them works out. What we’re trying to explain is that you should NEVER give up on your dreams because if you do, you will remain numb for the rest of your life. Chose to live and revive your soul again by setting up new life goals and plan new strategies on how to achieve them.

  11. Talk to your soul again:

    People who are hurt make the same mistake by not talking to their soul when they feel numb. Talking to your soul and asking her: ‘Are you okay?’ or ‘What shall I do to make you happy again?’ can kill your numbness. You just need to gather the courage, stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself: ‘Am I satisfied with my current condition that makes my soul numb and paralyzes my emotions?’ Once you answer this question, your soul will start answering the ones we mentioned before.

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