We’ve made a research of the most efficient and creative visualizations and manifestation techniques for making wishes come true and we would like to share them with you.

According to Robert Collier, an American author of self-help books, in order to make our wishes come true, we need to visualize them, feel them, believe in them. We need to make our mental blue print and begin to build, which makes sense because if we want to accomplish something, we can’t only wish for it but start working to achieve our life goals and dreams.

We’re sure that you have wished for something at least once during your life, however, some of those wishes came true easily and others made you struggle more in order to achieve them. Anyway, although some wish manifestations are challenging at the moment, we need to understand that our Universe is lavish and in order to achieve what we want, we must first dive into the Universe’s abundance and learn the algorithm and physics that hides behind the wish manifestation procedure. We can’t deny that there are plenty of different wish manifestations, laws of attraction and affirmations. Some of them are easy to follow and understand, while other sometimes fail to function which makes us wonder if there is some wish manifestation that gives us the real power over our wishes and their manifestations?

According to researchers and many studies dedicate on the higher level of consciousness, we’ve come to know that there is a particular manifestation technique that actually works called “Glass of Water”. This technique is based on the basic fact that liquid such as water is a powerful energy and healing conductor. Similar techniques are the “Silva Method” and “Transurfing” which can open up your inner abilities when it comes to manifestation. The “Glass of Water” technique can help you solve many problems and boost your energy into achieving everything you wish for in life. And what’s best about it – it’s simple and helps your mind to program your body towards completing your life goals and manifesting your wishes. In order to understand it better, we’ve attached a 7 minute YouTube video on which you can clearly see how this technique actually works and find out some details about it.

However, for those who want us to explain everything in detail – keep reading and get ready for getting everything you want if you seriously decide to apply this technique in your life.

First, you will need to grab a piece of paper and a glass of good quality water. Write down your wish on the paper in a form of affirmation. For example, if you want to find your soulmate, you should write: “I am in the right place and at the right time to finally meet my soulmate. I want to give love and receive love and I’m ready for to give myself a chance for a new romance that will last forever. I am ready to share the rest of my life with someone who will make me want to become a better person, not for him/her, but for myself first, and in the sake of our relationship after. I am going to help him/her become a better person as well, however, I won’t force my soulmate to change because you don’t change the person you truly love but accept for who he/she really is. My life is now filled with love and passion.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use the same words if your wish identifies with what we wrote as an example. Come up with your new unique affirmation. Just pick a field you want your wishes to finally become reality and follow your inner voice and feelings when writing your honest affirmation. Although the whole procedure might sound silly to you, be sure that your body is on a higher level of consciousness and needs to hear about your needs and wishes.

With doing this, you will synchronize your energy with your heart and brain and they will show you the way that’s going to help you fulfill all of your wishes. Every wish manifestation technique or visualization can be considered as a template or a letter from your thoughts that gives you the chance to get in touch with your consciousness at a more advanced level in a more efficient way. After choosing your affirmation and writing it down, attach the piece of paper with your affirmation to the glass of water or just place the glass of water above the paper.

Keep your affirmation short and clear in order to easily remember it. After you do all this, remember that the key that needs to unlock your wishes is your INTENTION and concentration ability. Have FAITH that everything will work out as you planned or even better and feel your wish as if it’s already your reality. This is the most important part of the process, and if you don’t want to accomplish your dreams and wishes with all your being, it won’t work out. However, if you focus ALL of your energy towards this, the results are unavoidable.

Activate your energy in your hands by rubbing your palms against each other. After, place your palms on the glass with water and feel the energy of the water flowing into your hands. Speak out your affirmation at loud or silently in your mind, but remember that it’s always better and when you say it out loud because of that way, you give your affirmation a voice. After you do this, you need to vividly imagine your wish and concentrate on sending your energy towards the water into your hands because your energy follows your attention. When you send your energy to the water in the glass, you charge the water with your wish.

Although this seems funny at first sight, remember that water is a powerful energy and healing conductor and can be charged as long as you feel pleasant (3-5 minutes at least). At the end, during the water. Practice this technique every morning after waking up or evening before going to sleep, and allow your mind to turn it into your daily routine. Those who have more than one wish (who doesn’t?) should use a few different glass of water for each wish. Take care that no one drinks the glasses of water until you’re using this technique. In order to make it more powerful and efficient, write your affirmation(s) on the New Moon.

Wonder what’s the secret of this technique? Once you drink the water that’s charged with your wish, you activate your entire body with your intention and easily transmit your energy because as you already know, your body is around 60-75% water. Keep in mind that this technique is very powerful and don’t ever doubt it since you’ve started with the practice because believing in what you want to see, is one of the most important parts of this process.

Remember that you’re going to have to take full responsibility for everything you wish and for the outcome of your affirmations. What you also need to know about the truthfulness about this wish manifestation technique is that water actually records information, and this was proven by many scientists over the years. Water remembers every energy you send and that’s why you need to be careful what you wish for because you might get it sooner than you think.

Don’t wish for something you’re not prepared for or can not handle. Ready to make all your wishes come true? We wish you the best of luck with using this technique and don’t forget to share it with a friend and help him fulfill his wishes too.

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