Although many of us think that life has a purpose and makes perfect sense, the truth is that life has no purpose and doesn’t make sense at all and we know it. However, what we’re not aware is that life doesn’t have a purpose in order to let us give our life the wanted purpose.

And yes, although life doesn’t make sense either and we’ll probably never find out the real reason behind our existence, we can’t deny the fact that life is worth living. I am sad when I meet people whose spark is extinguished and they survive instead of living this beautiful mysterious gift we all received. It’s like I’m living in a world full of walking dead.

However, I know that there’s still a chance to revive your dead souls and in order to do that, follow these 11 rules of life and start changing and improving yourself. You probably deserve it, and even if you don’t – remember that everyone deserves a second chance.

  1. Your failure is your new beginning

Many people give up their life after one, two, ten, hundred failures and consider themselves as losers. People, losers aren’t those who lose but those who give up. Stop seeing your failures as something terrifying and start seeing them as bricks to built your road to success. Each failure is a new beginning and a chance to learn something new – remember that.

  1. The day you stop learning is the day you die

Our problem is that in a certain period of life – we stop learning new stuff and let our spirit die in the moment we chose our comfort zone over experimenting and challenges. If you think that you know everything, you’re a fool because only fools think they know everything. Smart people are aware that there’s always going to be something new and exciting to learn.

  1. Never stop wondering

Wondering is a way of life that helps our souls grow and maintains our inner balance because in the moment we stop wondering – we lose our chance to expand our knowledge and feel better about ourselves when learning something we never heard of before. Discovering new things can certainly change your point of view and make you feel alive and present.

  1. You should doubt everything

Don’t believe everything you see or hear and doubt everything. This helps in creating your own strong attitude and develop your cognitive skills that will definitely improve you as a human being. A wise man once said that a person without an attitude is like a language without words, and he was right.

  1. Teach other people what you have learned by now

Don’t be selfish and keep your knowledge only to yourself. Teach everyone what you have learned by now and we promise you will revive your spirit and definitely feel better about yourself. Not to mention the influence you could have on people that may change their lives forever – for better.

  1. Respect constructive criticism and objective analyze

There are times when you have to exclude your emotions and personal preference and make an objective analysis of everything. Objective criticism can make you realize things that can help you grow stronger and better. Aside from that, people will always value your opinion and respect your words because they will trust your truthful judgment.

  1. Let humanity become your middle name

In a world where people couldn’t care less, be someone who couldn’t care more. Fight for what’s right. Support good. Protect human rights. Protect animal rights and fight for them. Speak your mind. Raise your voice. Be heard. Be honest. Be yourself. Understand people. Force them to think. Be proud of yourself and the things you do every day. Let humanity become your middle name and share your mission with everyone.

  1. Practice forgiveness

You forgive people not because they deserve but because you deserve your peace and remember that forgiveness is a characteristic only wise people have.

  1. Give honest compliments and honest critics

Unlike people who are prone to give fake compliments and ever faker critics, be the person who’s going to give a proper an honest compliment or critic where it’s needed, and when it’s needed. Be honest because real people will appreciate that and respect you for being something you are in a world that’s constantly trying to change you.

  1. Take action

Instead of waiting for things to work out alone or problems to get fixed by themselves – take action and stop waiting for anyone and anything. Our biggest mistake is that we think we have time, when in fact we don’t because no one knows when our heart will skip a beat and if we’re going to wake up tomorrow or not.

  1. Love the person you’re with and the job your do – otherwise leave both

It’s pointless and frustrating to be with someone you don’t love only because you’re afraid of gossips or scared to hurt the person you’re with. With staying in a relationship that wastes your partner time and feelings – you hurt him even more. And not to mention about your lost time on fixing something that’s already broken. Same goes for your job. The only way to be truly happy and live your life to the maximum is to do what you love. Love the person you’re with and the job you do – otherwise leave both. End of story.

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