There’s a major difference between being alive and just breathing. Many people only live today and think they’re living. Are you alive? Or just breathing? Before answering this question, there’s another one that needs to be answered first: ‘If you die today, would you be pleased with the life you’ve lived?’ If the answer to this question is positive, then you are ALIVE.

However, if the answer is negative then you’re probably just another walking dead who’s only trying to survive, trapped into the boundaries of society and their stupid rules. Continue reading and learn the 5 tips on how to revive yourself and love your life again.

  1. Move into another city or state

Sometimes what makes you feel trapped in your own home. Leave your house or apartment and move into another one or even better – change the city or the state you live in when you get the chance. Moving someplace unknown means new beginnings, and new beginnings mean new life, a better one. A life that’s worth fighting for.

  1. Get a pet or join a society for the Protection of Animal Rights

Getting a pet can certainly change your life for better. Not that you will get a new best friend who won’t betray you or gossip you, you will also get someone who’s going to be there for you when you feel lonely or sad. However, if you can’t afford to keep a pet or your shitty owner doesn’t want any animals in his apartment, then you can join a society for the Protection of Animal Rights and hang out with kind people who want to help these helpless creatures. Joining any type of community will get you involved in life again and certainly make you feel alive and useful.

  1. Quit your boring job

Our job affects your personal life. Period. Although you think that you can handle working something you don’t like in order to survive – you know you’re just fooling yourself. Why don’t you quit your job today and start making plans on how to achieve your childhood dreams? What did you wanted to become once you grow up? What do you want to do today? Is your age stopping you from doing it? It shouldn’t because age doesn’t exist and it’s never too late to make your dreams come true. Working something you actually like or love will make you feel alive again, and not only that but will change your life for better – forever.

  1. Date someone who’s not your type

What does having a type actually mean? We know that people often fall in love with someone they thought they can never be together with. However, love is unpredictable and certainly has its ways to surprise us. Why don’t you give a chance to someone who’s not your ‘type’? Maybe that exact person will change your taste in people and even better – change your life and make you feel like you’ve never felt before – alive.

  1. Take a map of the world and a needle, you know the rest

This is an extreme action that will definitely revive your spirit and make you feel alive again. All you need to do is take a world’s map, grab a needle, close your eyes and stab the needle. The destination you hit is the destination you should visit next. If you can, leave immediately, and if you can’t afford it, save some money and hit the road after. We promise that a trip like this will change your life for better and make you an open-minded person who lives instead f surviving.

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