Are you always overthinking and worry about stuff that’s probably never going to happen? Are your ideas and thoughts preoccupying your mind that sometimes it seems impossible to achieve everything and you get anxious because of it? If yes, then you probably have high IQ and that’s the reason that stands behind your anxiety and worry, as well as constant overthinking.

According to a recent study, worrying too much and overthinking aren’t bad things actually because in most cases it means that the person who worries too much has a high IQ and that’s not something you can change.

According to Dr. Adam Perkins, an expert in neurobiology or personality, people with high IQ are more prone to overthink and have a vivid imagination which can sometimes cause them anxiety and unnecessary worry. However, those people can’t do anything about it because their imagination acts natural threat generator. According to his study, people who are prone to negative thoughts and are able to switch to panic faster than average people are actually under the influence of the spontaneous activity in the prefrontal cortex that generates the possible threat.

Normal people who are happy and positive don’t even think about problems and what may occur which can be seen as a disadvantage when it comes to solving problems. Neurotic people don’t have that disadvantage. Dr. Perkins claims that his theory is true because of the many observations over geniuses who have the tendency to overthink, worry and be happy.

John Lennon once said: ‘Genious is pain’ and Dr. Perkins agrees with this statement because not only Lennon but other artists who are considered as highly intelligent, such as Vincent Van Gogh, Isaac Newton, Kurt Cobain, Charles Darwin and much more were both creative and neurotic.

Another doctor, Jeremy Coplan agrees with Dr. Perkins, saying that thanks to his experience as a professor of psychiatry, he can say that although anxiety is not good for us, in most cases, it’s linked to high IQ. According to him, people’s high IQ is equal to their high level of anxiety which can result in irritational worries which can be related to the survival of humanity.

So there you go, your anxiety and worry may lead to the conclusion that you’re actually a genius. However, consider relaxing sometimes and keep in mind that the things we worry about, practically never happen.

Anyway, anxiety can also be caused by some other factors that have nothing to do with your over thinking or high IQ. Keep reading and find out the other factors that can sometimes make you feel anxious:

  • You might be stressed over your work
  • Or school
  • You might survive a rough period related to your relationship or marriage
  • Emotional trauma or bad experience
  • You’re experiencing a side effect of some medication
  • You use drugs, such as cocaine
  • You’re suffering a financial stress
  • Divorce
  • Death of someone you love
  • Moving out or moving in some place unknown

These are just a few of the other reasons that might cause you anxiety and overthinking and are not related to your intelligence level. As you can notice, each one is somehow or directly related to stress, which leads to the conclusion that stress is bad for you. There isn’t a problem that can’t be solved and you as an overthinker should know that. Take a look at your problem or unpleasant situation from a different point of view and you will realize that there isn’t such thing as ‘hopeless situation’.


Featured Image: Photo by Jad Limcaco