If you are an artist, then you will probably understand why I consider artists to be better lovers than the average people because I am an artist myself and I can say that we are quite a catch.

Although we’re also the hardest people to love, I’m sure you will agree with me that we can certainly make a change in other people’s lives, especially if we bond with someone average and paint their world in the colors of the rainbow. We artists are actually the rainbow in this gray world and here are the 7 reasons why we are better lovers than average people.

  1. Artists see beauty in everything

Unlike people who always tend to see the ugly and negative side of everything, we artists tend to see beauty in everything. We actually believe that there’s no such thing as ‘ugly’ – only a different perception and point of view. We tend to look deeper instead of throwing a superficial look and say: ‘Well, that’s ugly’ as many average people would do.

  1. Sex is something more than a physical contact for us

Although many consider sex as nothing more than a physical contact and a way of fulfilling our sexual fantasies and desires, we artists see sex as a spiritual connection between two miracles and between two souls. To us, sex is a very intimate moment and we can’t have sexual relations with someone we don’t love or with someone who sees us as a piece of meat.

  1. An artist will inspire you every day

I personally tend to inspire people on a daily basis and I think that I will continue inspiring till the rest of my life, even when I don’t feel like it. I’m sure that artists will agree that our motto is: ‘When you feel bad, do good’. Having an artist for a lover can change your life because we artists tend to push people who are close to growing their own potential and always aim to be better than they already are. We’re practically a walking inspiration and walking together with us can bring you a hell of an experience.

  1. Artists are honest

Although sometimes we might tell small lies in order to make other people feel better about themselves, we never lie when it comes to express our opinion about something that matters.

  1. An artist loves his freedom

I can say that this is one of our best characteristics. We’re practically addicted to our freedom and enjoy solitude. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the company of others. As long as you don’t interfere in our freedom – we’re okay to hang out with you for hours, days, years, forever.

  1. Artists are deep people

Unlike other people who like small talks, we artists hate them. We want to lead deep conversations. We want to hear your mistakes, regrets. We what to know what makes you happy and what’s the reason for your temporary misery. We want to communicate with your soul and meet your inner demons. Transparent people who like to chat about the weather can’t bond with us on a profound level.

  1. The earth without ART would be ‘eh’

And your world without an artist would be boring as hell. Artists are maybe hard to love and not everyone can bond with them but I can promise you that once you do bond with artists – your life will change completely. Why because that’s who we are – we are the change we want to see in the world, unlike people who say they want change but don’t do anything about realizing that change.

Copyright: Dream Humanity