First, let’s make it clear – we don’t have anything against marriage. What we do have against are the judgments and ‘mandatory’ rules people think they need to obey in order to fit in the society.

Well, guess what, you don’t have to fit in because maybe, you were born to stand out. Marriage according to people is an institution in which a man and a woman who love each other live in order to make an obligation in front of God and the law they will love, respect and support each other forever. However, according to statistics ‘forever,’ today means a few years or in some cases, months. Days are not an exception. Why are people divorcing when they signed to love, respect and support the person they marry to the rest of their lives?

We might have an answer to that question: PEOPLE CHANGE and so does emotions. Priorities change. Perceptions change. Everything changes. YOU change.

Anyway, most people are still holding up to the ‘marriage ritual’ because they are scared that neighbors or relatives may gossip if they don’t get married. Or maybe their parents push them to do that in order to stop those gossips from happening. Who are they to force YOU to do anything against your will and when your intuition tells you that it’s just not your time? Or maybe the person you’re dating at the moment, is not the ‘right’ one, of course, if you still believe that there has to be another person on this planet who was made ONLY for you.

According to us, marriage is overrated, however, not in a bad sense but in a sense that’s related to people messing up other people’s lives and forcing them to get married as soon as possible. Although some people have realized what we’re trying to explain and decided to get married when they feel like it or not getting married at all (not a big deal), there are still people who are being forced to go against their will or force themselves to do something they will regret after, in order to fit in the society and prevent people from gossiping. According to us, marriage will become old-fashioned with years. Wonder why? Here are the 7 reasons that according to us will push marriage out of fashion after 50 years from now.

1.People will learn that marriage doesn’t guarantee true and eternal love:

Because eternal love doesn’t exist, and true love which we feel at the moment doesn’t have to be signed on paper. It’s enough to be signed in our hearts.

2.People will learn that it’s their life:

And only they get to decide what are they going to do with it. Not their parents. Not their relatives. Not their friends but THEM.

3.People will realize their true value:

Once they do it, marrying someone just to get married will never be an option for them.

4.People will start enjoying solitude more than company:

Having someone who’s always there for you and sharing lovely and bad moments with that person sounds great. However, as years pass by, people will finally realize that talking to the person they see in the mirror every day and enjoying their own company is as good as talking to someone else or sharing moments with that person.

5.People will start loving and appreciating life:

We’re not saying that people who are married don’t love life, however, once they decided to dedicate their time to others more than to themselves – it’s obvious they love life but NOT enough to live it independently.

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