Are you a person with INFJ personality? Wonder what INFJ actually means? According to the acronym ‘I’ is for introversion, ‘N’ is for iNtuition, ‘F’ is for feelings and ‘J’ is for judging, however, these terms can not explain what an INFJ profile is actually consisted of but that’s why we are here. To be an INFJ means to perceive things mostly via intuition.

That means that you have to deal with everything depending on the way you feel about it, or according to your own value system that serves you as a life compass.

INFJ people are rare, soft, thoughtful, complicated and intuitive people with an artistic side who are always creative and live in their own world full of unlimited possibilities and covered up meanings. Only 1% of the human population has an INFJ profile which makes this personality type the rarest of all the rest.

INFJ people want things to be systematically ordered in their outside world and they put a lot of effort into coming up with the perfect system for doing things. INFJ people are not constant when it comes to defining priorities and goals in the lives because they re-define them all the time. Although they plan on how to do things, they often react spontaneously because their intuition is stronger than their need for order.

Are you familiar with the fact that our intuition is always right? INFJ people are and that’s why they are right in the moments they decide to rely on their intuition and listen to their inner voice. INFJ put a lot of faith into their inner voice and intuition. Although there is always a conflict between their inner voice and the voice of the outer world, INFJ tends to listen to themselves over other people’s opinions. These type of conflicts can result in disruption of the organization of an INFJ person and turn their organized world into a disarray.

INFJ have a bizarre sense of other people’s feelings and everyday situations they’re going through. They can understand everyone thanks to their intuition. For example, some INFJ people have a strong intuition about problems with their loved ones, and sometimes they can sense accidents or other unfortunate events before they happen.

Although their intuition is strong, INFJ can not understand it and bring it to a level which can be verbalized. Actually, INFJ people are protective when it comes to their inner selves, and they tend to share what they chose with whom they chose and think that they would be able to understand them.

Although INFJ is sometimes or always difficult to understand, and are acting overprotective when it comes to their privacy, they’re actually kind and warm people with deep emotions and complex character. An INFJ person always has a special place in their heart for the people they care for and people who are able to understand them if not completely, then partially.

However, although they care for the people they love and know very well, INFJ people are much aware of the feelings of unknown people and avoid hurting their feelings in any way or hurting them physically. INFJ are sensitive when it comes to arguing with someone and can not tolerate conflicts because they can convert their peace into anger. INFJ practice to keep their conflict and anger inside of them and that’s why they’re often prone to health problems related to stress.

Although an INFJ person can be credit as stubborn and ignorant, what they actually do when acting this way is trusting their instincts because they believe they are on the right path.

An INFJ person is also a perfectionist who aims to reach beyond their full potential and achieve every goal they have in life. These type of people are always in peace with their soul and they tend to constantly change and improve their world and the outside world for better.

INFJ believe in continuous growth and don’t brag about their achievements but let success speak in their name. An INFJ person has a restricted system of values, however, that doesn’t mean those values remain the same forever. INFJ’s have high expectations when it comes to themselves or their close ones. They believe that everything they wish – they can accomplish.

As for the workplace, an INFJ people aim to find a work where they can express their creativity and love working alone because that way only their potential will be highlighted. Many INFJ are artists or scientists but can also be found in service-orientated workplaces. They hate detailed obligations which get them entangled in the details and lose the perception for the big picture.

In other words, INFJ individuals have a super power that people with different personalities don’t have. And although life sometimes seems hard for INFJ people, they are always capable of perceiving the big picture and enjoy their current life while aiming for better one.

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Featured Image: Ben White