The Bermuda Triangle or often referred as ‘Devil’s Triangle’ remains a mystery since always, however, scientists claim that with their new discovery they finally solved the mystery that hides behind this enigmatic area. For those of you who hear about the Bermuda Triangle for the first time or have heard by now but don’t know the basic information related to the area, we are here to explain. Apparently, the Bermuda Triangle remains as a bond between points in Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. However, the correlation isn’t the only thing that’s mysterious about this imaginary boundary that stretches across approximately 1000 miles on each side.

According to the US Navy, the triangle is fictional and its name is not on the list of Geographic Names made by the US Board. Anyway, the mysterious disappearings of numerous aircraft and ships within the triangle’s imaginary boundaries are not something they can completely ignore. Another question that remains unanswered is why do navigation and aeronautical equipment malfunction in the area? What kind of power is the one that makes the compass spin and displays wrong readings? Or what turns off the radio and cuts out any communication with the world outside those ‘imaginary’ boundaries and makes ships and aircraft disappear mysteriously without any trace?

Speaking of the scary Bermuda Triangle is like storytelling that keeps scientists awake until now. Aside from the mysterious occurrences, the Bermuda Triangle is forming a line with the Himalayas and the Pyramids of Giza by lying on the 27th parallel north. A famous man who witnessed a mystery of the Bermuda Triangle was Christopher Columbus. Allegedly, the famous discoverer saw a fireball crash into the ocean and while sailing in the imaginary area, he also noticed malfunctions with his compass on his trip to the New World.

As we can see, the Bermuda Triangle remains as one of the greatest mysteries of the world for centuries, challenging everyone who doesn’t believe in its eerie super power, to travel across the enigmatic area. However, according to recent discoveries, scientists claim they are close to revealing this mystery. After they found multiple craters off Norway’s coast, scientists believe that one of them that’s 150 feet deep and remains in the Barents Sea was created by methane which bursts under the seabed can explain the disappearance of the aircraft and ships.

According to an article in the “Sunday Times”, researchers claim that several craters that exist on the seabed are probably the main cause of tremendous gas blowouts. The crater found in the Barents Sea is allegedly one of the largest hotspots for a shallow marine methane that’s released in the Arctic.

Although scientists have presented similar theories about the Bermuda Triangle over the years, the new evidence from the recent researches brings them step closer to solving the longtime mystery related to this area. Their next step is proving that the bursting has enough strength to sunk a ship.

According to previous examinations, the Bermuda Triangle may be related to space because of the satellite measurements which show that the inner radiation of the Van Allen belt is located exactly over the imaginary boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle. Allegedly, the variations in the inner radiation are the cause of the accidents and disappeared ships and aircraft.

Popular culture relates the enigmatic area with paranormality and aliens, however, there’s no evidence that could support these theories. No matter the cause of the mysterious disappearances, we can’t neglect that the Bermuda Triangle is one of the most intimidating areas on our planet.

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