A lot of different emotions hide behind our smile, however, we don’t always tend to show them keep the smile on our face without saying anything. A wise man once said that the smile on our face isn’t important if our soul is the one that’s crying. And he was right.

What’s a smile without sincerity? Or a soul without a smile? Seems like people forgot how to smile these days. Or they never learned how to do it anyway. However, to smile from the heart, you must feel by heart. And most people don’t use their heart today because they listen to their brain more.

Although we often tend to say that it’s better to listen to our brain because our heart can sometimes be wrong and lead us on the wrong path, deep inside we know that our constatation is wrong. It’s wrong because listening to your heart means listening to your inner voice and believes us when we say, that our inner voice can lead us to the place we want to be, instead of where our brain tells us to be.

Where do you want to be? Is your soul smiling right now? Are you happy? Can you say that you can recognize happiness on other people’s faces of deceiving a smile on their face with your smile? They say that only a happy person can be really joyful and affect others contiguously with their happiness and smile.

Are your smiles contagious? Can you tell a sincere smile when you see one? We can’t deny that sometimes it takes longer to know people better and tell if their smile comes from the bottom of their heart, however, we can try recognizing their character through their smiling. You can discover if they’re sad or angry, sincere or two-faced, good or bad only by observing their smile. Although it takes years to get to know someone’s personality for real, a second to see the way the person smiles is enough to tell if he/she is good or bad, sincere or fake.

The famous Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky considered as the founder of existentialism, tried to teach the people how to recognize other people by their smile. He explained that you can know if a person is good or bad only by the way he smiles. Wonder how is that possible? Keep reading and learn how to do it yourself.

‘To smile you need to be sincere and is there someone sincere among the people today? To smile you need to be free from malice and people today often smile maliciously. A sincere and malice free smile means joy and is there someone joyful today? Or people are sad all the time? Joyfulness is a characteristic that gives away people’s personality. It takes a long time to get to know someone’s personality for real but it takes a second to see the way the person smiles and show off his character immediately. Only highly exalted and happy person can be really joyful and affect contagiously, spreading joyfulness and generosity. And when I say highly exalted, I don’t mean in mind but in spirit and character. The only way to get to know someone better is to know his soul. Stop observing people while they’re silent or while they’re talking and start observing the way they smile. If a person smiles good, it means the person is also good. A smile is the surest check of the soul. Just look at the children. They smile perfectly sincere and because of that their smile is adorable, just like they are.’

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