Although many think of narcissists as self-confident people who know their value, at the end of the day, a narcissist is nothing more than a person who is wounded. Although not always, narcissists are in most cases, created of unpleasant childhood feelings, such as feeling worthless or unappreciated which made them addicted to validation from other people about their worth.
And as we all know, narcissists often go hand in hand with the empaths, or as many like to call them ‘the healers’. Unlike narcissists, empaths have the ability to empathize with other people and sense their pain or feel it as if it were their own. Although empaths have no boundaries when it comes to protecting themselves from people’s abuse of their goodness and compassion, seems like narcissists don’t have the same problem, which is good, however, not only they know how to protect themselves from takers, but are the takers who such energy.
A narcissist can draw the life and soul out of everyone, especially empaths, however, empaths fail to accept that narcissists are takers and usually relate to them because as we know – different people are always attracted to each other.
The dynamic lifestyle of a narcissist can confuse an empath because people who are obsessed with themselves can not dedicate much time to others or understand other people’s needs. Anyway, although empaths can easily get confused when it comes to understanding a narcissist’s emotions and actions, they fail to realize that not everyone is like them and continue their relationship.
Unlike empaths who aren’t much familiar with the term ‘manipulation’, narcissists are experts at manipulating other people, especially empaths. A narcissist has manipulation on his agenda, and it’s essential that he/she is in position from where they can control people and rise above them.
An empath’s agenda is opposite and consists love, heal and care which remain as unfamiliar terms for narcissists. Practically there’s no balance between these two types of people, and ever found it is highly unlikely. It’s always the same in relationships like this – the more the empath gives, the more the narcissist takes and becomes superior.
You think it’s natural to comfort someone who’s feeling down? If yes, keep in mind that narcissists don’t share your opinion. Once they see a person is wounded, they will use this to keep them down because the more unhappy the empath becomes – the more satisfied the narcissist feels. When the empath begins to seek for love and affection from a narcissist, each try will only confirm that they are desperate to feel appreciated and worthy.
When this happens, empaths always blame themselves, not realizing that the damage is coming from the other side. At this point, is the empath doesn’t become aware that the relationship with a person like this is pointless and a self-destruction attempt – they will forever suffer under the claws of the wounded person trying to hear their wounds.
However, if they do understand that every conversation with a narcissist is not bringing them any good or making them feel better, with time they will start accepting that sometimes it’s not up to them to heal everyone’s wounds and stop blaming themselves for other people’s actions.
How we allow others to treat us is our choice and if an empath chooses to stay in a relationship with a narcissist, and refuses to accept that the person is toxic, then they deserve to suffer.
We know that it’s difficult to struggle against your feelings, but in order to survive in this cruel world where narcissists are countless, we need to learn how to let go of people we love but are no good for us or our self-confidence and happiness.

Reference: Daily Occupation