Although many experts claim that enough sleep is most important for good cognitive functioning, the question of ‘why most of the successful, genius people sleep less?’ confuses our mind. Do less sleep actually help for successful outcomes? Or do successful people sleep less because they have no enough time for it? Then, if enough sleep is important for a good cognitive performance, how they still remain successful?

Such questions may confuse us, but even though most of the successful people sleep less, there are also genius people, such as Einstein, who actually sleep pretty much in a day. It is interesting to see many differences in sleep routine of successful people, when some of them sleep only 2 hours per day, some of them actually sleep 10 hours. These are the hours successful people sleep in a day:


  1. Thomas Edison:

2. Sigmund Freud:

3. Barack Obama:

4. Nikola Tesla:

5. Donald Trump:

6.Bill Gates:

7. Leonardo Da Vinci:

8.Elon Musk:

9.Wolfgang Mozart:

10. Albert Einstein: