Your handwriting is not just as simple as you might think. You can actually tell a lot about a person’s personality by analyzing their handwriting. This is called Graphology: the analysis of the characteristics and patterns of handwriting, indicating psychological state at the time of writing or evaluating personality characteristics.

You might be surprised but a handwriting can actually reveal more than 5,000 personality features. Your handwriting may also reveal to some health problems, or to detect lies.

  1. The size of your handwriting:

  • Small Handwriting: Take your notebook while reading this. Is your handwriting seem small? If so, you are probably a shy person, very good in concentration, at the same time, you are a detail-oriented person. Every little detail picks up your interest.
  • Medium Handwriting: If you cannot decide whether your handwriting is small or large, it means that you have an average handwriting. This is associated with people who are good at adapting to their surroundings and are well-adjusted.
  • Large Handwriting: You enjoy spending time with people right? If you have a large handwriting, there is a great possibility that you are an extrovert. You might also seek for attention when you are in front of people.

2. The spacing between letters:

2. A Narrow Spacing Example

  • Broad spacing: You are attached to freedom and independence. You cannot easily be a puppet of the rules.
  • Narrow spacing: Similar to the characteristics of those who have a large handwriting. You feel better when you are around people.

3. The Pressure: 

  • Too much pressure on letters: The heavier you press on the pen, the deeper your emotions. Sometimes it might also be linked to stress.
  • Not pressing too much pressure: You have the ability to understand others’ feelings and emotions, which is called empathy. Sometimes you are too sensitive, but this is not a sign of a weakness.

4. The Speed:

  • Fast: You are always on time, and if somebody isn’t, you hate waiting for them.
  • Slow:  You might be a perfectionist. Everything must be perfect before it is displayed. You hate mistakes.

5. Your Signature: 

5. An Illegible Signature Example

  • If it is Legible: You are fair, straight, and self-confident. You have a high self-esteem and you are okay with negative comments.
  • If it is Illegible: People find it hard to understand you. You keep your privacy and distance with other people.

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