A heartbreak isn’t as bad as it sounds or feels as bad as people describe it often. A heartbreak is actually the best life experience a person can learn from. Wonder why and what can we learn from a heartbreak? Well, imagine you’re holding a glass with wet hands and you drop the glass because of your carelessness. Next time you will be more aware whether your hands are wet and carry other glasses with dry hands only.

Now imagine a heartbreak as holding a glass with wet hands, or simply as an experience, you can learn from instead of letting one heartbreak influence your life and future relationships. Crying over a broken glass won’t fix the glass – remember this and keep reading to find out 7 more reasons why a heartbreak is actually the best life experience.

  1. You will be more careful whom you trust

Naive people who trust everyone are often victims of heartbreak, however, after surviving one or a few heartbreaks, people learn that not everyone deserves their trust. Aside from this, they are more focused on trusting their instincts over someone else’s words. And we all know that our instincts are never wrong. When they tell us something’s wrong – then it probably is.

  1. You will learn that when one door closes, another opens immediately

Once people survive a heartbreak, one door closes, however, after surviving more heartbreaks, they realize that another door opens immediately. At first, they may be blinded by sadness or hatred but after, they finally realize that people who once left, were never meant to stay forever.

Once they get this, they enter the open door and give themselves a chance for a new romance. Are you ready to enter the door the that just opened? Feel free to do that and love the right person the way you loved the wrong one. Love unconditionally again.

  1. You will learn that EVERYTHING is temporary

Bad things will pass. Good things will pass. EVERYTHING will pass. The sooner you realize, the better. People who survived heartbreaks are more prone to understand this than those who are blinded by the sweet ‘forever’ illusion. Who said that relationships are ‘meant’ to last forever, anyway?

  1. People change…

And you can’t change that because…

  1. …so do you

And when you change, your feeling might change as well. People who already survived a heartbreak are aware of the fact that all feelings are variable and can change under different circumstances and don’t expect from anyone to love them forever. They know that sometimes the story itself is more important than the happy ending.

  1. You will learn that every person was born alone and will die alone

Simple. Were you born alone? Then why do you think that you MUST die with someone by your side? Every human being who was born alone will die alone. Period. People who survived a heartbreak are more than aware of this fact than others who are grieving instead of living.

  1. You will become a stronger and independent person

A heartbreak is the best life experience because you are able to learn many useful things from it once it happens. Are you going through a heartbreak right now? Put a smile on your face because thanks to this heartbreak, you will become a stronger and more independent person with time.

You will learn that life is a gift you don’t have to spend on feeling miserable and sad over a relationship with someone who doesn’t have the obligation to love you ‘forever’. And neither do you. Stop feeling sorry it’s over and starts smiling it happened at first place.

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